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ELIXER. Davis Bunn. 2004. Read by David Colacci. 5 tapes. 7 hrs. Brilliance. 1-59355-840-6. $69.25. Vinyl; plot notes. SA

Taylor Knox knows he will be out of a job as soon as the small drug research lab he works for is taken over by the industry giant, Revell Pharmaceuticals. CEO Amanda Revell knows Taylor well from a not-so-long-ago romantic relationship between her sister Kirra and Taylor that ended badly. When Kirra disappears and can't be found, Amanda enlists Taylor to help find her because she knows he has the motivation to search until he is successful: he still loves her.

Colacci's outstanding reading creates accents for the characters from different countries where Taylor's search takes him, including Scotland and the French and Spanish Basque provinces. His voice takes on the fear felt by Taylor as he flees from those attempting to stop him from finding Kirra. Colacci's voice also tares on a tender tone as Taylor recalls his love for Kirra. Interesting surfing scenes in Scotland and France round out the adventure in this suspenseful thriller. Carol Kellerman, Santa Fe, NM
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Author:Kellerman, Carol
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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