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Elitra announces issuance of patent on genome-wide shotgun antisense method.

Elitra Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA; 858-410-3030) announced the issuance of United States Patent 6,228,579 covering one of its core technologies used to identify antimicrobial essential gene drug targets. This patent covers a genome-wide shotgun antisense method that Elitra has licensed exclusively from San Diego State University. Elitra also announced the filing of an extensive United States patent application claiming over 1,200 new essential gene drug targets in nine bacterial pathogens. Including this filing, Elitra has filed patent applications directed to more than 3,100 essential drug targets in 11 different bacterial and fungal pathogens, including claims for their use in drug screening assays. The discovery of new essential drug targets in pathogens may enable the discovery of new classes of antimicrobial drugs.

"The issuance of this patent covering one of our ultra-rapid gene discovery technologies solidifies our competitive position in antimicrobial functional genomics," said Harry F. Hixson, Elitra's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer." In addition, we have now filed patent applications on a majority of the antimicrobial targets which we believe to be important for novel antimicrobial drug discovery. While we intend to continue to discover additional drug targets, we plan to move as many targets as possible into high throughput drug discovery screening programs using our proprietary cell-based assays, either alone or through corporate collaborations."

Elitra is a leader in antimicrobial functional genomics and is focused on the identification, development and commercialization of novel antimicrobial compounds that target essential gene products of pathogenic organisms. Elitra's ultra-rapid gene-to-lead approach allows it to rapidly proceed from analyzing the genes of bacteria and fungi to testing for effective drug candidates.
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Comment:Elitra announces issuance of patent on genome-wide shotgun antisense method.
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Date:May 1, 2001
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