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Elisabethan: "clothes with a history".

In 1996, Elisabeth Delehaunty moved to Colorado from the East Coast and launched her clothing company, Elisabethan, from Crested Butte. Sourcing her fabric from the racks at thrift shops, the "recycler/designer" started patching together and repurposing old clothes into entirely new wearables.

"I started buying stuff for the fabric instead of the garment, and it just snowballed," she says. Relocating to Paonia in 2000, Delehaunty today typically employs a staff of two or three people to make all sorts of shirts, skirts, hats and scarves from used and damaged clothes.

"As we get bigger, it's less realistic for me to do individualized products," she says, noting that her primary "ingredients" are now T-shirts and wool. "It also makes me feel I'm making more of an impact recycling--T-shirts, there are just zillions and zillions of them!" $15 to $215 retail.


Made by Elisabethan LLC, Paonia, (970) 527-4073, Also available at numerous stores in Colorado; a list of retailers is on the website.

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Author:Peterson, Eric
Date:Mar 1, 2009
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