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Eliminating self-importance.

Robert Littman

Literary agent; former MGM executive in charge of foreign film distribution and deputy vice president of distribution for the U.K.

Showbiz secret: The one secret I have never revealed is that I am D.W. Griffith.

Wrong "fact": "If it's not on the page, it's not on the stage." I actually directed "Birth of a Nation" without a script. Give a great script to a mundane director and you will get a mundane movie. A great director can take a mundane script and make a great movie.

Most dispiriting episode: The greatest tragedy in showbiz was the demise of the three-martini lunch and the popularity of iced tea. There has hardly been a good idea since.

Most exhilarating episode: My great moment of exhilaration was when Michael Deeley and Barry Spikings thanked me at the Academy Awards upon winning best picture for "The Deer Hunter."

Most underrated figure: The most underrated and unsung giants are probably Ken Russell, Nicolas Roeg and Alexander Mackendrick. Do I have to tell you why?

Most overrated figure: The most overrated and overexposed is almost everyone who thinks they are important.

Challenge facing showbiz: Let's give the next generation a proper education rather than a lot of information, and let's find a way to prevent downloading and pirating so that we can protect our artists and our investment.

Currently: Robert Littman is a literary agent with David Shapira & Associates. His clients include Nicolas Roeg and Ken Russell, among others.

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Title Annotation:significant moments in Hollywood history
Author:Littman, Robert
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Date:Dec 6, 1999
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