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Eliminates paper checklists.

Manufacturers who use paper checklists to record issues and to make certain all required visual checks have been completed can now use Inspect's computerized checklists for the same tasks. With software's checklist feature, users can not only capture and store checklist data, but analyze and report on this data. Checklist questions are created using the Admin module and assigned in Admin to data collect workstations. The software also has the ability to validate answers to checklist questions via database lookups, unit lookup codes, range checking of variable data or format checking. The software is designed to reduce the costs associated with scrap, rework, warranty claims and production bottlenecks.

Vendor: ASI DataMyte Inc.; 800-207-5631

Product: Visual Inspection Software

Key Feature: Computerized checklists

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Title Annotation:Software
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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