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Elevate service by enhancing your memory skills.

With members becoming more demanding in their expectations, little room for error exists in your interactions with them. Strong memory skills can help your association elevate its level of service from adequate to exceptional.

During a presentation at ASAE Hawai'i 2003, customer service expert Ron Rosenberg, president of Quality Talk, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina, and founder of, highlighted the value of memory skills in helping members feel comfortable with you and your association and making their experience a memorable one. These skills also help staff demonstrate exceptional knowledge of services provided.

Rosenberg suggested several ways to begin improving your memory:

* Make associations with items. To help you retain information, link one piece of information that you know with the thing you want to remember. This skill is a matter of recognizing, incorporating, and retaining the new information.

* Use your imagination. The more unusual or bizarre the association you make, the better the impression will be. It's easier to remember what's unique.

* Use exaggerated visualizations. For example, to help you remember a person's name, exaggerate his or her outstanding feature.

* Pay attention. To remember people's names, you also have to actually listen to them. How many times have you been introduced to someone only to forget his or her name five seconds later?

Once you understand the basic concepts, you can apply these skills to improve the value given to members. For instance, meeting planners can use these skills to memorize an event set-up checklist and mentally check off each item as it is completed. Membership coordinators can create a mental list of benefits to explain to prospective members. Association executives can learn and retain the names of key people and remember important personal and business information about them.

For additional tips from Rosenberg, visit
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