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Articles from Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika (May 1, 2014)

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A comparison between analytical solutions for lightning-induced voltage calculation. Andreotti, A.; Assante, D.; Pierno, A.; Rakov, V.A.; Rizzo, R. Report 3058
A signal strength fluctuation prediction model based on the random forest algorithm. Dohnalek, P.; Dvorsky, M.; Gajdos, P.; Michalek, L.; Sebesta, R.; Voznak, M. Report 3718
A type of fuzzy T-S controller for a nonlinear MIMO dynamic plant. Dworak, P. Report 4379
Acceleration techniques for analysis of microstrip structures. Pomarnacki, R.; Krukonis, A.; Urbanavicius, V. Report 3269
Analysis of magnetic field disturbance curve for vehicle presence detection. Daubaras, A.; Markevicius, V.; Navikas, D.; Zilys, M. Report 2032
Analysis of narrow band PLC technology performance in low-voltage network. Pyda, D.; Habrych, M.; Rutecki, K.; Miedzinski, B. Report 1840
Application of stochastic differential-algebraic equations in hybrid MTL systems analysis. Brancik, L.; Kolarova, E. Report 3486
Driver topology influence on LED luminescence response dynamics. Chaziachmetovas, A. Report 2527
Estimation of on-fly phase resistance of on 8/6 switched reluctance motor for sensorless control. Hrbac, R.; Mlcak, T.; Kolar, V.; Necas, J. Report 3907
Generalized design of shunt active power filter with output LCL filter. Hou, Rui; Wu, Jian; Liu, Yuchao; Xu, Dianguo Report 5035
Identification of low voltage AC series arc faults by using Kalman filtering algorithm. Zhang, Shiwen; Zhang, Feng; Liu, Peng; Han, Zhengzhi Report 4012
Laser line detection with sub-pixel accuracy. Molder, A.; Martens, O.; Saar, T.; Land, R. Report 2227
Method for recognition of the physical activity of human being using a wearable accelerometer. Adaskevicius, R. Report 3422
Modern sensor technology for alphanumeric recognition in metallurgy industry. Mikolajek, M.; Machacek, Z.; Koziorek, J. Report 2634
Numerical analysis of electric field in three-electrode corona system containing ionized and non-ionized areas. Barciauskas, R.; Marciulionis, P.; Zebrauskas, S. Report 3917
Optimal position of buried power cables. De Mey, G.; Xynis, P.; Papagiannopoulos, I.; Chatziathanasiou, V.; Exizidis, L.; Wiecek, B. Report 3009
Physiological parameters monitoring system for occupational safety. Lukocius, R.; Vaitkunas, M.; Virbalis, J.A.; Dosinas, A.; Vegys, A. Report 2519
PV supplied single stage MPPT inverter for induction motor actuated ventilation systems. Ozdemir, S.; Altin, N.; Sefa, I.; Bal, G. Report 4540
Recursive PLL based on the measurement and processing of time. Perisic, D.; Zoric, A.; Perisic, M.; Arsenovic, V.; Lazic, L. Report 3266
Thermal analysis of MCM packaging. Andonova, A. Report 2869
Wide operating voltage range fuel cell battery charger. Hernandez, J.C.; Mira, M.C.; Sen, G.; Thomsen, O.C.; Andersen, M.A.E. Report 2873

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