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Articles from Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika (June 1, 2013)

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A multi-population genetic algorithm for inducing balanced decision trees on telecommunications churn data. Podgorelec, V.; Karakatic, S. Report 3242
A new fault-location method with high robustness for distribution systems. You, Dahai; Ye, Lei; Yin, Xianggen; Yao, Qiguo; Wang, Ke; Wu, Junchun Report 4630
An improved dynamic password-based user authentication scheme for hierarchical wireless sensor networks. Turkanovic, M.; Holbl, M. Report 8070
Application of a fully automatic autofocusing algorithm for post-processing of synthetic aperture radar images based on image entropy Minimization. Malamou, A.; Karakasiliotis, A.; Kallitsis, E.; Boultadakis, G.; Frangos, P. Report 2952
Application of the hybrid bond graphs and orthogonal rational filters in sag voltage effect reduction. Trajkovic, D.M.; Nikolic, V.D.; Antic, D.S.; Nikolic, S.S.; Peric, S. Lj. Report 4084
Blood glucose level estimation using interdigital electrodes. Pockevicius, V.; Markevicius, V.; Cepenas, M.; Andriukaitis, D.; Navikas, D. Report 1451
Cross-layer throughput optimization in slow fading wireless channel. Velickovic, Z.S.; Jevtovic, M.; Pavlovic, V. Report 4550
Design and comparison of two control strategies for voltage-sag compensation using dynamic voltage restorers. Torres, A. P.; Roncero-Sanchez, P.; del Toro Garcia, X.; Feliu, V. Report 3161
Design of low noise 10 GHz divide-by-16 ... 511 frequency divider. Jurgo, M.; Kiela, K.; Navickas, R. Report 2088
Designing a real time redactor for power saving utilization. Krejcar, O.; Frischer, R. Report 4199
Efficient vocal melody extraction from polyphonic music signals. Yao, G.; Zheng, Y.; Xiao, L.; Ruan, L.; Li, Y. Report 4716
Improving quality of business models using a business vocabulary-based synchronization method. Tutkute, L.; Butleris, R.; Uzdanaviciute, V.; Sinkevicius, E.; Skersys, T.; Kapocius, K. Report 4730
Investigation of precise flat angle positioning controller. Udris, D.; Lisauskas, S. Report 2874
Modelling battery behaviour using chipset energy benchmarking. Damasevicius, R.; Toldinas, J.; Grigaravicius, G. Report 2921
Modelling of Neuro Fuzzy controller for negative output KY boost converter voltage ripple reduction. Karthikumar, S.; Mahendran, N. Report 1698
Nonlinear speed controller supported by direct torque control algorithm and space vector modulation for induction motors in electrical vehicles. Aliskan, I.; Gulez, K.; Tuna, G.; Mumcu, T.V.; Altun, Y. Report 2815
Novel oscillator based on voltage and current-gain adjusting used for control of oscillation frequency and oscillation condition. Sotner, R.; Jerabek, J.; Jaikla, W.; Herencsar, N.; Vrba, K.; Dostal, T. Report 5085
Numerical investigation of ultrasonic wave propagation in tapered waveguides. Kazys, R.; Rekuviene, R.; Zukauskas, E. Report 1838
On-line partial discharge detection for high voltage rotating machines using inductive method. Dauksys, G.; Jonaitis, A. Report 2657
Prospective analysis of distribution network reconstruction on electric vehicles access to demonstration district. Yujun, Liu; Qingshan, Xu; Kai, Chen; Xiaohui, Xu Report 2974
Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from mobile devices used for learning and working. Koppel, T.; Ahonen, M. Report 4725
Sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motor using voltage signal injection. Brandstetter, P.; Krecek, T. Report 3525
The curvelet transform application to the analysis of data received from GPR technique. Cieszczyk, S.; Lawicki, T.; Miaskowski, A. Report 2568
The influence of non-uniformity of the multiconductor line parameters on frequency responses of the meander delay line. Krukonis, A.; Mikucionis, S.; Urbanavicius, V. Report 5210
Using microcontrollers for high accuracy analogue measurements. Jaanus, M.; Udal, A.; Kukk, V.; Umbleja, K. Report 2072
Verification of NAISS model for road traffic noise prediction in urban areas. Prascevic, M.; Cvetkovic, D.; Mihajlov, D.; Petrovic, Z.; Radicevic, B. Report 2808

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