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Articles from Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika (December 1, 2012)

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A novel and efficient technique for improving shielding effectiveness of a rectangular enclosure using optimized aperture load. Bahadorzadeh, M.; Lotfi-Neyestanak, A.A. Report 1742
A novel method to improve current density in multiband triangular fractal antenna. Saluja, N.; Khanna, R. Report 1549
Advanced system for consumption meters with recognition of video camera signal. Machacek, Z.; Slaby, R.; Hercik, R.; Koziorek, J. Report 2725
Application of artificial neural networks for maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic panels. Vasarevicius, D.; Martavicius, R.; Pikutis, M. Report 2319
BPTrust: a novel trust inference probabilistic model based on balance theory for peer-to-peer networks. Tan, Zhenhua; Zhang, Liangyu; Yang, Guangming Report 2896
Cloud interconnected affect reward based automation ambient comfort controller. Drungilas, D.; Bielskis, A.A. Report 2238
Competencies of teachers' use of technology in learning and teaching processes. Meral, M.; Akuner, C.; Temiz, I. Report 3047
Concept of intelligent solid-state street lighting technology. Vitta, P.; Dabasinskas, L.; Tuzikas, A.; Petrulis, A.; Meskauskas, D.; Zukauskas, A. Report 1890
Direct AC-AC step-down single-phase converter with improved performances. Aghion, C.; Lucanu, M.; Ursaru, O.; Lucanu, N. Report 2354
Energy consumption of hash functions. Damasevicius, R.; Ziberkas, G.; Stuikys, V.; Toldinas, J. Report 2352
Experimental investigation of two-mass electromechanical system. Juraitis, S.; Rinkeviciene, R.; Kilikevicius, A. Report 2278
Influence of psychological stress on formant structure of vowels. Sigmund, M. Report 2724
Method of improvement of quality indexes of detecting in cellular communication systems. Bondariev, A.; Maksymiv, I. Report 1778
Modelling of cascade-connected systems using quasi-orthogonal functions. Antic, D.; Jovanovic, Z.; Nikolic, V.; Milojkovic, M.; Nikolic, S.; Dankovic, N. Report 3430
Numerical investigation of influence of temperature on propagation of ultrasonic waves in waveguides with mode conversion. Jasiuniene, E.; Zukauskas, E.; Kazys, R. Report 2225
Precise temperature stabilizing system of liquids for the purpose biomedical applications. Vozda, M.; Sekora, J.; Penhaker, M. Report 2252
Products authentication and traceability using RFID technology and OPC UA servers. Gaitan, A.M.; Popa, V.; Gaitan, V.G.; Petrariu, A.I.; Ungurean, I. Report 2383
Real-time control system for various applications using sensor fusion algorithm. Artemciukas, E.; Plestys, R.; Andziulis, A.; Gerasimov, K.; Zulkas, E.; Pasviestis, L.; Krauze, A. Report 2348
Speech server based Lithuanian voice commands recognition. Bartisiute, G.; Ratkevicius, K. Report 2490
The edge effects influence on the braking characteristics of the linear induction motor. Karaliunas, B.; Matkevicius, E. Report 2096
The soil moisture content determination using interdigital sensor. Markevicius, V.; Navikas, D.; Valinevicius, A.; Andriukaitis, D.; Cepenas, M. Report 2305
The use of magnetic coupler instead of lever actuated friction clutch for wind plant. Ose-Zala, B.; Jakobsons, E.; Suskis, P. Report 1883
Towards speaker identification system based on dynamic neural network. Ivanovas, E.; Navakauskas, D. Report 3043

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