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Elegy Against the Massacre at the Amish School in West Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, Autumn 2006.

Lena, Mary Liz, and Anna Mae Marian, Naomi Rose
 when time has stopped where time has slowed the horses wear the rain
Mary Liz, Anna Mae, Marian Naomi Rose and Lena
the lanterns lit at mid-day dark pain's processional
Anna Mae, Marian, Naomi Rose Lena, Mary Liz
innocence has no argument, justice returns in a leaf
Naomi Rose, Lena, and Mary Liz Anna Mae and Marian
a girl is not a kind of girl she knows her rhyme she has her name
Lena, Naomi Rose, and Mary Liz Marian and Anna Mae
zinnias mixed with cosmos, lupins caught in hay
Mary Liz, Lena, and Anna Mae Marian, Naomi Rose
someone had a new-born calf that died into the light, and someone knew
the night
Anna Mae, Mary Liz, and Marian Lena and Naomi Rose
someone knew the night holiness mere meaning when someone knew the night
Marian, Anna Mae, Naomi Rose, Mary Liz, and Lena
the mad put on death's mantle, the mad on fire with shame
Naomi Rose, Marian and Lena Anna Mae and Mary Liz
The mother of the god you knew was reading in her chair and down came
Naomi Rose, Lena and Marian Mary Liz and Anna Mae
down came endless care visitation's presence book-marked in a book
Anna Mae, Naomi Rose and Mary Liz, Lena and Marian
your names in stone your footprints kept in mud between the stalks
Marian, Anna Mae and Lena Naomi Rose and Mary Liz
iron bells toss the clouds at dusk and elders turn away
Mary Liz, Marian, Naomi Rose, Anna Mae and Lena
empty-handed, hold their cups with lead seams supplicant
Lena, Mary Liz and Anna Mae, Marian, Naomi Rose
a length of serge so plain, so plain the morning grass turned down
Anna Mae, Mary Liz and Marian, Lena, Naomi Rose
when time has stopped where time has slowed the horses wear the rain 

SUSAN STEWART'S Columbarium won the 2003 National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry. These poems are from her forthcoming book, Red Rover, which will be published in fall 2008.
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Title Annotation:three poems
Author:Stewart, Susan (American poet)
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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