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Electronics cooling.


The newest version of the FloTHERM XT software product offers advanced thermal management capabilities for electronic systems, printed circuit boards, and packages of any geometric complexity. FloTHERM XT now supports transient analysis, Joule heating, parametric studies, extended EDA integration capabilities, and new modeling options, including the ability to represent copper in detail for complex PCBs. Such capabilities provide thermal simulations of electronic devices used in a broad range of markets including automotive, transportation, consumer electronics, industrial automation as well as aerospace and defense.



The manufacturer of small 3-D printers has released version 3.7 of its operating software, MakerBot Desktop. The upgrade contains a new custom profile editor that allows users to edit properties of the print, such as infill and extruder speed; those settings can be saved as a template for future projects. Custom tabs let users of all experience levels create custom settings. The layer height of the print can be changed within a single print, allowing for faster print speeds, and the device preferences window now offers such data as temperature and total print time.



SpinFire Ultimate 11.0 is intended to make product data, especially CAD data, more easily accessible to both technical and non-technical users. The goal is to provide access to 2-D and 3-D visualizations without the use of a CAD system, allowing manufacturers and their suppliers to use a single software solution enabling them to view, measure, mark up, and share files. SpinFire Ultimate 11.0 supports files created in major CAD file formats, such as the latest versions of Catia V5 and Unigraphics NX, and features a new underlying architecture to enable better handling of large files. Actify says there are more than 100 enhancements in this latest version of the software, including a more intuitive graphic user interface.

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