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Electronic warfare target location methods, 2d ed.


Electronic warfare target location methods, 2d ed.

Poisel, Richard A.

Artech House

422 pages




Writing for technical personnel in engineering or other scientific disciplines who are new to the field of electronic warfare, experienced engineers, and those taking courses on electronic warfare emitter geolocation, Poisel, who was a research engineer at the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Intelligence and Information Directorate, details methods and techniques for geolocating noncooperative targets of interest that are emitting radiofrequency signals. He discusses the concepts behind triangulation, and quadratic position fixing methods including time difference of arrival, time of arrival, differential Doppler, and range difference methods. He does not cover array-beamforming and the theory of phase interferometry. This edition has new chapters on estimating the fundamental parameters that allow the position fixes to be calculated, the MUSIC (multiple single classification) algorithm and its characteristics, and expanded discussion of single site location technology. (A[c] Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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