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Electronic transfer of ULLS-A DA form 2410.

Forwarding DA Form 2410 info to the Aviation and Missile Command is now easier for Army aviation ULLS-A users. The mandatory weekly report is now emailed to:

The process of preparing the 2410 as an email attachment is best done from a Quality Control (QC) workstation.

1. Access the HISTORICAL PROCESS (L) from the main menu.

2. Select (D) PRINT/REPRINT/PURGE 2410.

3. From the four options select WRITE ACTIVE 2410 LOG TO DISK.

--If no new components have been installed or removed, a report will be written to disk and an error message will appear with this message: UNABLE TO LOCATE FILE FOR COPYING: 2410LOG.ASC. Do not email this message to AMCOM.

--If the file is found, it will be written using the unit's UIC followed by a 2-digit number and a file extension ".001" in ASCII text.

--Create an email message and make the subject line read: ULLS-A DATA.

--Attach the ASCII file and send it to AMCOM.

Special Requirements and the 2410

For components that are repaired at AVUM, AVIM, or special repair activities, or for one-time repairs, units will manually complete all required entries n the 2410 Copy 2 and mail them to:

Commander U.S. Aviation and Missile Command AMSAM-MMC-MA-NM 5300 Martin Road Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000

Components that are manually managed on DA Form 2408-16 or 2408-16-1 (such as an APU, OH-58D side beams/traverse roof beams/corner mounts/ restraint spring assemblies, AN/ALQ-144(V), and -714A engines) will be reported using a hard copy DA Form 2410 with copies 1-3, IAW DA PAM 738-751.

Components that are returned to a repair facility, depot or supply system will have paper copies of DA Form 2410 copies 2 and 3 along with other applicable historical records attached to the component.

For more info, call DSN 746-5564 or 6696.
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