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Electronic throttle valve from Pierburg.

Is on-highway and nonroad exhaust emissions regulations become more stringent, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is expected to become a standard feature on diesels in virtually all applications. For the same reason, electronic engine management is being used on more and more engines and it is a logical step to integrate control of EGR into the engine's electronic control unit.

Responding to this trend, EGR valve specialist Pierburg AG, of Germany, has developed an advanced design butterfly throttle valve for diesels. This valve features precise proportional control of the valve and high resistance to the effects of the recirculating exhaust gases.

Pierburg's North American operations are headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich.

In contrast to the company's previous valves using solenoid control, this newest EDR-Di throttle valve employs a d.c. electric motor connected to the valve via a two-stage reduction gear. The required valve angle is calculated by the engine management system and translated into a throttle position by the valve's integral electronics. As a result of the high torque applied to the butterfly valve via the reduction gear, the throttle valve remains stable under the influence of the recirculated gases, and is unaffected by the accumulation of deposits during its design life. The housing of the EDR-Di valve can be executed in aluminium alloy or plastic according to the severity of the application, Pierburg stated.

Since the rate of exhaust gas recirculation is influenced both by throttle position and the EGR valve, Pierburg offers its EDR-Di valve both as a separate item and as a space and cost saving unit in combination with one of its EGR valves.

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Date:Aug 1, 1998
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