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Electronic monitoring keeps 19 year old home bound.

PNN -- Mohammad Mahmoud Shaker was released last week after spending five years in Israeli prison. The 19 year old from Baina -- Alnejidat Village inside the Green Line is now subject to a year of electronic surveillance.Shaker can be within the four walls of his mother's home, but that is the extent of it. He is forbidden to breathe the air from the roof or to step out the front door. An electronic surveillance bracelet on his body allows the Israeli prison authority to hold him under house arrest in exchange for a reduction in jail time.He was arrested along with five other young men from the village in 2003 on suspicion of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at a house in the Jewish settlement of Mzbeh Ntova, and trying to take the weapon of an Israeli soldier.Prosecutors said that the six young men were avenging the death of Husam Khalil's brother who Israeli police shot and killed in 2000 in Umm al-Fahm at the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada. The six young men were convicted in an Israeli court with Shaker receiving an eight year sentence and Khalil 11 years. The others were remanded to prison for three and a half to six and a half years: Omar Baker, Rabee' Baker, Rabee' Khalil and Hasan Dalashah are now out.Shaker told the press, "After the arrest the investigators exercised psychological pressure and intimidation on me, so I admitted the charge in order to get rid of them, and I delivered myself to God."He spent the majority of his time in Shatta Prison, known to be among the worst in the Israeli system. Reports of the practices of the prison administration and wardens include naked inspections, tear gas, beatings with truncheons, insults, humiliation, and denial of family visits and the use of prison store 'the cantina,' which is necessary for supplies such as soap and food to supplement inadequate rations.Shaker reports, "Even in the morning during the 6:00 am count of prisoners, anyone who is late or slow to wake up will be thrown in solitary confinement for three days or a week. He will also be fined 450 NIS which is taken from his cantina account." Purchases from the prison store are made with funds deposited by family or friends into individual accounts.In his electronic bracelet, Shaker is forbidden to enter the door of his own house that is in the same building as his mother's home. He will be getting married when his year of house arrest is over and said that he hopes to alleviate some of his mother's grief who was deprived of her son for five years after losing her husband in 1995.

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Publication:Palestine News Network (West Bank, Palestine)
Date:Nov 22, 2008
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