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Electronic clipping from magazines, newspapers on laptop and notebook computers.

DocuWare Pressman, a complete system for scanning and storing on a portable computer, offers an electronic alternative to manual cutting, pasting, and filing of newspaper and magazine articles, reports, charts, and graphs. The new system has been introduced by ALOS Micrographics Corporation.

Through a unique combination of a hand-held scanner, database engine and an optical character recognition (OCR) module, DocuWare Pressman scans the information. The user can then index images by key words or other criteria using up to 24 fields that are managed by a powerful database and store them on the hard disk. Pressman's numerous functions (i.e., cut-and-paste, highlight, whiteout, black-out) facilitate the rearranging of articles.

Portability is achieved with TWAIN and parallel port interfaces, eliminating the requirement for a board to be mounted within the computer. The resultant imaging system now can be taken to the information sources.

Search and retrieval of entered descriptions is accomplished by a mouse click. Additionally, built-in OCR routines convert text to ASCII format for direct transfer to any text editor or wordprocessing package.

DocuWare Pressman requires a 386 PC or higher and Microsoft Windows 3.1. Suggested list price for the DocuWare Pressman software alone is $269. The package also is bundled with a hand-held scanner at additional cost.

For more information, contact ALOS Micrographics Corporation, 118 Bracken Road, Montgomery, NY 12549, 914/457-4400.

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Title Annotation:ALOS Micrographics Corp. introduces DocuWare Pressman system
Publication:Information Today
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:Nov 1, 1994
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