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Articles from Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (January 1, 2015)

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A convergent linear finite element scheme for the Maxwell-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations. Banas, L.; Page, M.; Praetorius, D. Report 8059
A two-level overlapping Schwarz method for H(curl) in two dimensions with irregular subdomains. Calvo, Juan G. Report 11732
Algebraic distance for anisotropic diffusion problems: multilevel results. Brandt, Achi; Brannick, James; Kahl, Karsten; Livshits, Irene Report 11174
An implicit finite difference approximation for the solution of the diffusion equation with distributed order in time. Ford, N.J.; Morgado, M.L.; Rebelo, M. Report 5391
An overview of multilevel methods with aggressive coarsening and massive polynomial smoothing. Brousek, Jan; Frankova, Pavla; Hanus, Milan; Kopincova, Hana; Kuzel, Roman; Tezaur, Radek; Vanek, Pe Report 18626
Analysis of smoothed aggregation multigrid methods based on Toeplitz matrices. Bolten, Matthias; Donatelli, Marco; Huckle, Thomas Report 12921
Bem-based finite element tearing and interconnecting methods. Hofreither, Clemens; Langer, Ulrich; Pechstein, Clemens Report 10351
Edge-based Schwarz methods for the Crouzeix-Raviart finite volume element discretization of elliptic problems. Loneland, Atle; Marcinkowski, Leszek; Rahman, Talal Report 8646
Efficient preconditioners for PDE-constrained optimization problem with a multilevel sequentially semiseparable matrix structure. Qiu, Yue; Van Gijzen, Martin B.; Van Wingerden, Jan-Willem; Verhaegen, Michel; Vuik, Cornelis Report 16879
Explicit formulas for Hermite-type interpolation on the circle and applications. Berriochoa, Elias; Cachafeiro, Alicia; Diaz, Jaime; Illan, Jesus Report 5066
Fast algorithms for spectral differentiation matrices. Aurentz, Jared L. Report 1994
Fast and stable unitary QR algorithm. Aurentz, Jared L.; Mach, Thomas; Vandebril, Raf; Watkins, David S. Report 5854
Fast solution of boundary integral equations with the generalized Neumann kernel. Nasser, Mohamed M.S. Report 14357
High-order modified Tau method for non-smooth solutions of Abel integral equations. Mokhtary, Payam Report 4164
Iterative methods for symmetric outer product tensor decomposition. Li, Na; Navasca, Carmeliza; Glenn, Christina Report 6664
Laminar-turbulent transition in pipe flow: wall effects and critical Reynolds number. Kanda, Hidesada Report 11174
On Krylov projection methods and Tikhonov regularization. Gazzola, Silvia; Novati, Paolo; Russo, Maria Rosaria Report 18927
On the development of parameter-robust preconditioners and commutator arguments for solving stokes control problems. Pearson, John W. Report 9912
On the discrete extension of Markov's theorem on monotonicity of zeros. Castillo, Kenier; Rafaeli, Fernando R. Report 4216
Preconditioned recycling Krylov subspace methods for self-adjoint problems. Gaul, Andre; Schlomer, Nico Report 14451
Quasi-optimal convergence rates for adaptive boundary element methods with data approximation. Part II: hyper-singular integral equation. Feischl, Michael; Fuhrer, Thomas; Karkulik, Michael; Melenk, J. Markus; Praetorius, Dirk Report 11425
Randomized methods for rank-deficient linear systems. Sifuentes, Josef; Gimbutas, Zydrunas; Greengard, Leslie Report 6625
Revisiting the stability of computing the roots of a quadratic polynomial. Mastronardi, Nicola; Van Dooren, Paul Report 3982
Roundoff error analysis of the CholeskyQR2 algorithm. Yamamoto, Yusaku; Nakatsukasa, Yuji; Yanagisawa, Yuka; Fukaya, Takeshi Report 8974
Structure preserving deflation of infinite eigenvalues in structured pencils. Mehrmann, Volker; Xu, Hongguo Report 9583
The fast bisection eigenvalue method for Hermitian order one quasiseparable matrices and computations of norms. Eidelman, Yuli; Haimovici, Iulian Report 11246

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