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Articles from Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (January 1, 2008)

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A comparison of four- and five-point difference approximations for stabilizing the one-dimensional stationary convection-diffusion equation. Roos, Hans-Gorg; Vanselow, Reiner Report 4469
A convergent adaptive finite element method with optimal complexity. Becker, Roland; Mao, Shipeng; Shi, Zhong-Ci Report 5566
A parallel QR-factorization/solver of quasiseparable matrices. Vandebril, Raf; Van Barel, Marc; Mastronardi, Nicola Report 9689
A reduced basis method for evolution schemes with parameter-dependent explicit operators. Haasdonk, B.; Ohlberger, M.; Rozza, G. Report 9630
A simplification of the Laplace method for double integrals. Application to the second Appell function. Lopez, Jose L.; Pagola, Pedro J. Report 4699
A weakly over-penalized symmetric interior penalty method. Brenner, Susanne C.; Owens, Luke; Sung, Li-Yeng Report 8493
An overlapping additive Schwarz-Richardson method for monotone nonlinear parabolic problems. Munteanu, M.; Pavarino, L.F. Report 8459
Analysis of the DGFEM for nonlinear convection-diffusion problems. Feistauer, Miloslav; Kucera, Vaclav Report 5844
Approximation of the minimal Gersgorin set of a square complex matrix. Varga, Richard S.; Cvetkovic, Ljiljana; Kostic, Vladimir Report 3483
Asymptotic behavior for numerical solutions of a semilinear parabolic equation with a nonlinear boundary condition. Diabate, Nabongo; Boni, Theodore K. Report 3337
Calculation of minimum critical Reynolds number for laminar-turbulent transition in pipe flows. Kanda, Hidesada Report 7432
Error estimate in the sinc collocation method for Volterra-Fredholm integral equations based on DE transformation. Yazdi, M. Hadizadeh; Gelian, G.H. Kazemi Report 4635
Fast wave propagation by model order reduction. Pereyra, V.; Kaelin, B. Report 4701
Gegenbauer polynomials and semiseparable matrices. Keiner, Jens Report 14668
Interaction of incompressible flow and a moving airfoil. Ruzicka, Martin; Feistauer, Miloslav; Horacek, Jaromir; Svacek, Petr Report 3944
Local projection stabilization for incompressible flows: equal-order vs. inf-sup stable interpolation. Lube, G.; Rapin, G.; Lowe, J. Report 7813
Low-rank iterative methods for projected generalized Lyapunov equations. Stykel, Tatjana Report 7978
Minimal degree rational unimodular interpolation on the unit circle. Glader, Christer Report 11922
New quadrature rules for Bernstein measures on the interval [-1,1]. Berriochoa, Elias; Cachafeiro, Alicia; Garcia-Amor, Jose M.; Marcellan, Francisco Report 5539
Nitsche mortaring for parabolic initial-boundary value problems. Heinrich, Bernd; Jung, Beate Report 10313
Numerical analysis of Stokes equations with improved LBB dependency. Wohlmuth, M.; Dobrowolski, M. Report 6188
Numerical blow-up solutions for some semilinear heat equations. N'Gohisse, Firmin K.; Boni, Theodore K. Report 4663
Numerical study of a discrete projection method for rotating incompressible flows. Sokolov, Andriy; Turek, Stefan; Olshanskii, Maxim A. Report 4631
Numerical study of normal pressure distribution in entrance pipe flow. Shimomukai, K.; Kanda, H. Report 7339
On a mixed discontinuous Galerkin method. Juntunen, Mika; Stenberg, Rolf Report 3392
On algebraic multilevel methods for non-symmetric systems-convergence results. Mense, Christian; Nabben, Reinhard Report 8906
On the calculation of approximate Fekete points: the univariate case. Bos, L.P.; Levenberg, N. Report 7064
On the definition of the SUPG parameter. Knobloch, Petr Report 5934
On the evaluation of finite element sensitivities to nodal coordinates. Schneider, Rene; Jimack, Peter K. Report 4842
On the role of boundary conditions for CIP stabilization of higher order finite elements. Schieweck, Friedhelm Report 7305
Optimal discretization of PML for elasticity problems. Lisitsa, Vadim Report 7184
Parameter-uniform fitted operator B-spline collocation method for self-adjoint singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems. Kadalbajoo, Mohan K.; Kumar, Devendra Report 6832
Regularization properties of Tikhonov regularization with sparsity constraints. Ramlau, Ronny Report 10013
Simpler block GMRES for nonsymmetric systems with multiple right-hand sides. Liu, Hualei; Zhong, Baojiang Report 4537
Space adaptive finite element methods for dynamic obstacle problems. Blum, Heribert; Rademacher, Andreas; Schroder, Andreas Report 5428
Stability analysis of fast numerical methods for Volterra integral equations. Capobianco, G.; Conte, D.; Del Prete, I.; Russo, E. Report 6699
Stabilization of local projection type applied to convection-diffusion problems with mixed boundary conditions. Matthies, Gunar; Skrzypacz, Piotr; Tobiska, Lutz Report 6407
The automatic computation of second-order slope tuples for some nonsmooth functions. Schnurr, Marco Report 7826
The dynamical motion of the zeros of the partial sums of [e.sup.z], and its relationship to discrepancy theory. Varga, Richard S.; Carpenter, Amos J.; Lewis, Bryan W. Report 7295

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