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Articles from Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (April 1, 2006)

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Title Author Type Words
A case where balancing is harmful. Watkins, David S. 2388
A study of the fast solution of the occluded radiosity equation. Atkinson, Kendall; Chien, David 13387
Approximation of the Hilbert transform via use of sinc convolution. Yamamoto, Toshihiro 2767
Condition numbers of the Krylov bases and spaces associated with the truncated QZ iteration. Malyshev, Alexander; Sadkane, Miloud 4393
Fast multilevel evaluation of smooth radial basis function expansions. Livne, Oren E.; Wright, Grady B. 13675
Isotropic and anisotropic a posteriori error estimation of the mixed finite element method for second order operators in divergence form. Nicaise, Serge; Creuse, Emmanuel 11264
Iterative sinc-convolution method for solving radiosity equation in computer graphics. Naghsh-Nilchi, Ahmad Reza; Daroee, Shahram 4347
Numerical computation of the eigenvalues for the spheroidal wave equation with accurate error estimation by matrix method. Miyazaki, Yoshinori; Asai, Nobuyoshi; Cai, Dongsheng; Ikebe, Yasuhiko 5004
Numerical study of normal pressure distribution in entrance flow between parallel plates, I. Finite difference calculations. Shimomukai, Kenshu; Kanda, Hidesada 8018
On extremal problems related to inverse balayage. Gotz, Mario 6387
On fast factorization pivoting methods for sparse symmetric indefinite systems. Schenk, Olaf; Gartner, Klaus 10228
On the reduction of a Hamiltonian matrix to Hamiltonian Schur form. Watkins, David S. 10186
Parameter-uniform fitted mesh method for singularly perturbed delay differential equations with layer behavior. Kadalbajoo, M.K.; Sharma, K.K. 10036
Quasi-Newton preconditioners for the inexact Newton method. Bergamaschi, L.; Bru, R.; Martinez, A.; Putti, M. 6656
Scalable algebraic multigrid on 3500 processors. Joubert, Wayne; Cullum, Jane 11228
Solution of singular elliptic PDES on a union of rectangles using sinc methods. Hohn, Michael H. 5107
The Sinc-Galerkin method for solving singularly-perturbed reaction-diffusion problem. El-Gamel, Mohamed 4665
Time-discretization of a degenerate reaction-diffusion equation arising in biofilm modeling. Duvnjak, Antonija; Eberl, Hermann J. 8596
Toward the Sinc-Galerkin method for the Poisson problem in one type of curvilinear coordinate domain. Yamamoto, Toshihiro 3429
Uniformly convergent difference scheme for singularly perturbed problem of mixed type. Brayanov, Iliya A. 6731

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