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Electronic Bracelets for Monitoring Criminals will Finally be Introduced from October.

In October, the Justice Ministry will finally have electronic bracelets for monitoring, Mediapool reports.

A total of 200 bracelets with GPS surveillance with a precision of 2.5 m, and the remaining 50 aim to control inmates in open spaces.

They will benefit those sentenced to probation, detained under house arrest, and prisoners in open-air prison dormitories.The news was reported by Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva to the Legal Commission on Wednesday. The contract was signed today and the deadline for its execution is nine months. Funding is from the EU.

Before the legal commission in parliament, Tsacheva commented that the long term for the order is necessary because the project is technically complicated. She refused to give detailed explanations in order not to mislead MPs in an area where she was not an expert. However, it is understood from the information available that the ordered bracelets are quite expensive and will not stop the escape from justice.

The biggest problem is that the bracelets will be only 250. From the statistics of the prosecutor's office and the courts, it is understood that about 4,000 people are sentenced to probation annually and are subject to control. People with a home arrest measure are about 300. The prisoners in the open-type hostels are over 3000 people. One bracelet is attributed to nearly 30 potential fugitives from the law.

The second problem with bracelets is the high price. The order was won by consortium "Supercom Abati" at a price of 1.34 million BGN with VAT. One bracelet is 5200 BGN. This price includes a five-year support for the system.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Feb 8, 2018
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