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Electronic Book Technologies announces CADleaf Graphic Workbench and FIGleaf Plus; New products expand online graphics viewing capabilities: CADleaf, within DynaText Electronic Books; FIGleaf, within World-Wide Web Browsers.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 1995-- Electronic Book Technologies, Inc. (EBT, Booth #1137) today announced two new products at the Seybold San Francisco conference, CADleaf(TM) Graphic Workbench and FIGleaf(TM) Plus.

CADleaf Graphic Workbench provides EBT's DynaText(TM) electronic publishing system customers with Thumbnail graphics technology for creating miniature renditions of large graphic files that, when clicked, display the full graphic in-line within a DynaText electronic book. FIGleaf Plus is the commercial version of the free FIGleaf multi-format graphics viewer for the World-Wide Web (Web). FIGleaf Plus adds import filters for several graphic file formats not supported in the free version of FIGleaf and provides enhanced User Interface(UI) functionality for viewing and manipulating graphics.

FIGleaf Plus supports import of a variety of graphic file formats including CGM, a pending vector graphics format for the Web, GIF, JPEG, SunRaster, TIFF, BMP, PPM, CALS Group 4 (I&II), EPSI, EPSF (raster preview), HPGL, HPGL2, DXF, C960, and C907. FIGleaf Plus is configured as a Web browser helper application. Helper applications, specified in Web browsers' `Preferences' area, are automatically launched when a browser encounters a format that it does not natively support.

CADleaf Graphic Workbench benefits end-users of DynaText electronic books, enabling faster and more efficient navigation through DynaText books. End-users can now preview what a graphic contains through a Thumbnail image of a larger graphic, without having to load, wait, and view the entire image. The Thumbnail replaces the previously used camera icon to indicate a graphic within a DynaText book. Thumbnail images are stored in a raster graphic format of choice, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF or SunRaster.

"The new FIGleaf and CADleaf graphic tools reinforce EBT's high level of commitment to on-line and Web publishing," explains R. Bryan DiAntonio, Senior Product Manager for CADleaf Products at EBT. "FIGleaf Plus was developed from CADleaf, enabling Web users to benefit from CADleaf's impressive history in the graphic marketplace. In addition, the CADleaf Graphics Workbench `raises the bar' in graphics viewing, enhancing the experience of DynaText users with Web-style graphic publishing via Thumbnails," continued DiAntonio. "Further, we fully expect FIGleaf and FIGleaf Plus to lead the way for CGM to become a Web standard graphics format."

CADleaf Graphic Workbench enables users to strictly enforce Thumbnail sizes. End-users can manipulate Thumbnails from either the User Interface or from the command-line. From the UI, users can see icons being created, and watch their progress. From the command-line interface, users can programmatically call the function to create thumbnails as part of their existing DynaText electronic book-building process.

CADleaf Graphic Workbench supports the following graphic file formats:

Import Export Raster

TIFF x x

GIF x x

JPEG x x




SunRaster x x

EPSI x x

ASCII Files x

Import Export Vector

CGM x x

HPGL x x


DXF x x



C960 x

CPCI x x


Interleaf ASCII x

Frame MIF x


 CADleaf Graphic Workbench runs on Microsoft Windows 3.x and
Windows NT, as well as the following UNIX(R) platforms: Sun OS 4.x,
Solaris 2.x, SGI IRIX 5.x, HPUX 9.x, and IBM AIX 3.x. CADleaf
Graphic Workbench is available immediately and is priced at $495 for
the MS Windows version and $795 for UNIX platforms. Floating
licenses are available.
 FIGleaf Plus, priced at $49.95, will be available in November via
ftp from the following EBT Web sites:, FIGleaf Plus will run on Microsoft Windows
3.x and Windows NT, as well as the following UNIX platforms: Sun OS
4.x, Solaris 2.x, SGI IRIX 5.x, HPUX 9.x, and IBM AIX 3.x. FIGleaf
Plus will also be bundled with EBT's DynaBase(R) SGML Repository and
Document Management System.
 DynaText, introduced in 1990, is the world's leading
standards-based online publishing system. DynaText accepts any valid
SGML document and automatically builds a dynamic electronic book that
enables users to quickly browse, search and annotate large documents.
DynaText electronic books can include an interactive table of
contents, hyperlinks, tables, equations, graphics, audio, video and
animation. DynaText electronic books can be shared on heterogeneous
client/server networks or placed on standalone workstations, PCs or
PDAs. DynaText runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh(R)
systems, as well as all major UNIX platforms.
 DynaWeb(TM) Web server software enables Web client browsers with
extremely powerful searching and navigation capabilities for
efficiently accessing large DynaText electronic book collections on a
Web server. Publishers can also maintain and/or modify multiple
output filters to accommodate different audiences, different Web
browser capabilities, and different flavors of HTML. DynaText and
DynaWeb along with FIGleaf Plus, now eliminate the need to create and
maintain separate information and separate processes for supporting
cross-platform CD-ROM, LAN/WAN, and Web publishing.
 FIGleaf Plus and CADleaf Graphic Workbench were developed by
EBT's CarberryTechnology division from the CADleafT family of
products. CADleaf has been an industry standard for high-end
graphics viewing, markup, and conversion since 1991. The CADleaf
family includes CADleaf Viewer, CADleaf REDlining, CADleaf Batch,
CADleaf Integrators Toolkit and CADleaf Raster to Vector. CADleaf
enables companies to adopt an enterprise wide automation strategy as
part of engineering, publishing, and manufacturing. CADleaf has
become an integral part of product data management due to its ability
to convert from proprietary graphics formats into open systems
 Electronic Book Technologies, Inc. (EBT) provides corporate and
commercial publishers with the industry's most comprehensive
standards-based online publishing solution. EBT, a founding member
of SGML Open and the MIT World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C), develops
and markets a product suite engineered from the ground up around
SGML. EBT's cross-platform software tools enable customers to manage
and publish information to CD-ROM, World-Wide Web, LAN, and print
from a single, standards-based source. Carberry Technology, a
division of EBT, provides engineering, manufacturing, and publishing
solutions for product data management. EBT and Carberry Technology
information can be accessed on the Web at EBT is
privately held and headquartered in Providence, RI, USA.

 Note: Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is an
international ISO standard for document markup. SGML has been
adopted by industries with large amounts of in-house publishing
including aircraft, airlines, automotive, computer, defense,
electronics, pharmaceuticals, securities, telecommunications and
transportation, as well as government systems integrators, publishing
companies, and academic centers. HTML is an application of SGML used
for marking up and rendering documents on the World-Wide Web.
 DynaText, DynaWeb, DynaBase, CADleaf and FIGleaf are trademarks
of EBT. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and
other countries, exclusively licensed through X/Open Company Ltd.
All other company, product or service names mentioned herein are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

CONTACT: Paul Lamoureux


(401) 421-9550


Aly Reynders, Craig Librett

Miller/Shandwick Technologies

(617) 536-0470
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Date:Sep 27, 1995
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