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Varied Response of EEG Rhythm to Different tDCS Protocols and Lesion Hemispheres in Stroke Subjects with Upper Limb Dysfunction. Wang, Chunfang; Chen, Yuanyuan; Song, Peiqing; Yu, Hongli; Du, Jingang; Zhang, Ying; Sun, Changcheng Jul 30, 2022 5942
Classification and Reconstruction of Biomedical Signals Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Zhu, Zijiang; Chen, Hang; Xie, Song; Hu, Yi; Chang, Jing Jul 21, 2022 9240
Masimo announces publication on randomized, controlled trial of SedLine. Jul 20, 2022 457
Classification of EEG Signals Using Neural Network for Predicting Consumer Choices. Sheela sobana Rani, K.; Pravinth Raja, S; Sinthuja, M.; Vidhya Banu, B; Sapna, R.; Dekeba, Kenenisa Jul 20, 2022 4881
Multiclass Classification of Imagined Speech Vowels and Words of Electroencephalography Signals Using Deep Learning. Mahapatra, Nrushingh Charan; Bhuyan, Prachet Jul 20, 2022 6740
Research on Working Memory States Based on Weighted K-Order Propagation Number Algorithm: An EEG Perspective. Chen, Yao; Zhang, Yuhong; Ding, Weiwei; Cui, Fachang; Huang, Liya Jul 11, 2022 6036
EEG Feature Extraction Using Evolutionary Algorithms for Brain-Computer Interface Development. Rocha-Herrera, César Alfredo; Díaz-Manríquez, Alan; Barron-Zambrano, Jose Hugo; Elizondo-Leal, Juan Jun 29, 2022 10182
Effects of Vestibular Damage on the Sleep and Expression Level of Orexin in the Hypothalamus of Rats and Its Correlation with Autophagy and Akt Tumor Signal Pathway. Yan, Gangli; Li, Fengguang; Tao, Zhiwei; Xing, Xiaobing; Zhou, Ziying; Wang, Xijia; Zhou, Jinxia Jun 26, 2022 7676
EEG-Based Epileptic Seizure Detection via Machine/Deep Learning Approaches: A Systematic Review. Ahmad, Ijaz; Wang, Xin; Zhu, Mingxing; Wang, Cheng; Pi, Yao; Khan, Javed Ali; Khan, Siyab Report Jun 17, 2022 12271
Personality Prediction with Hybrid Genetic Programming using Portable EEG Device. Bhardwaj, Harshit; Tomar, Pradeep; Sakalle, Aditi; Sakalle, Maneesha; Asthana, Rishi; Bhardwaj, Arpi Jun 1, 2022 5352
Curative Effect of Prebiotics/Probiotics-Assisted Ketogenic Diet on Children with Refractory Epilepsy. Su, Lingying; Li, Sai; Sun, Bo May 28, 2022 3797
A Data-Driven Adaptive Emotion Recognition Model for College Students Using an Improved Multifeature Deep Neural Network Technology. Liu, Li; Ji, Yunfeng; Gao, Yun; Li, Tao; Xu, Wei May 26, 2022 6385
A Hybrid Approach for MS Diagnosis Through Nonlinear EEG Descriptors and Metaheuristic Optimized Classification Learning. Mohseni, Elnaz; Moghaddasi, Seyed Mahdi May 17, 2022 8446
Anticonvulsant Activity of trans-Anethole in Mice. da Guedes, Erika; Ribeiro, Leandro Rodrigo; Carneiro, César Alves; Santos, Aline Matilde Ferreira; B Report May 14, 2022 6583
Attention-Based DSC-ConvLSTM for Multiclass Motor Imagery Classification. Li, Li; Sun, Nan May 5, 2022 8293
Meta-analysis of effectiveness of electroencephalogram monitoring of sustained attention for improving online learning achievement. Liu, Enyun; Zhao, Jingxian Report May 1, 2022 4477
Stress Classification Using Brain Signals Based on LSTM Network. Phutela, Nishtha; Relan, Devanjali; Gabrani, Goldie; Kumaraguru, Ponnurangam; Samuel, Mesay Apr 28, 2022 8343
Wearable Sensors with Internet of Things (IoT) and Vocabulary-Based Acoustic Signal Processing for Monitoring Children's Health. Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar; Noonia, Ajit; Tiwari, Shivam; Doohan, Nitika Vats; Kumawat, Vijeta; Ahanger, Apr 28, 2022 7506
Key Feature Extraction Method of Electroencephalogram Signal by Independent Component Analysis for Athlete Selection and Training. Huang, Zhongwei; Cheng, Lifen; Liu, Yang Apr 15, 2022 5283
Classification of Bioinformatics EEG Data Signals to Identify Depressed Brain State Using CNN Model. Thakare, Anuradha; Bhende, Manisha; Deb, Nabamita; Degadwala, Sheshang; Pant, Bhasker; Kumar, Yekula Report Apr 13, 2022 5328
Fusion of EEG-Based Activation, Spatial, and Connection Patterns for Fear Emotion Recognition. Pan, Jiahui; Yang, Fuzhou; Qiu, Lina; Huang, Haiyun Apr 13, 2022 7241
Assessment of Mental Workload by Visual Motor Activity among Control Group and Patient Suffering from Depressive Disorder. Murugesan, G.; Ahmed, Tousief Irshad; Shabaz, Mohammad; Bhola, Jyoti; Omarov, Batyrkhan; Swaminathan Mar 31, 2022 6679
EEG Feature Extraction and Data Augmentation in Emotion Recognition. Kalashami, Mahsa Pourhosein; Pedram, Mir Mohsen; Sadr, Hossein Mar 28, 2022 7399
Athletes' State Monitoring under Data Mining and Random Forest. Li, Xiaolei Mar 25, 2022 5674
Comprehensive Performance Analysis of Classifiers in Diagnosis of Epilepsy. Deepa, R.; Anand, R.; Pandey, Digvijay; Pandey, Binay Kumar; Karki, Bhishma Report Mar 7, 2022 4257
A Feature Extraction Algorithm of Brain Network of Motor Imagination Based on a Directed Transfer Function. Ma, Shuang; Dong, Chaoyi; Jia, Tingting; Ma, Pengfei; Xiao, Zhiyun; Chen, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Lijie Feb 28, 2022 5237
Classification of Electroencephalogram Signal for Developing Brain-Computer Interface Using Bioinspired Machine Learning Approach. Thilagaraj, M.; Ramkumar, S.; Arunkumar, N.; Durgadevi, A.; Karthikeyan, K.; Hariharasitaraman, S.; Feb 25, 2022 7381
Sensitivity Analysis of a Smart 3D-Printed Hand Prosthetic. Ige, Ebenezer Olubunmi; Adetunla, Adedotun; Awesu, Adedamola; Ajayi, Oluwaseun K. Feb 24, 2022 3245
Our lives may actually flash before our eyes as we die, claim scientists. Feb 24, 2022 428
Two-Channel Portable Biopotential Recording System Can Detect REM Sleep Behavioral Disorder: Validation Study with a Comparison of Polysomnography. Kataoka, Hiroshi; Takatani, Tsunenori; Sugie, Kazuma Feb 24, 2022 3501
Dying people could see lives flash before them say scientists after accidental find; Team accidentally recorded what happens to the human brain when we die and discovered it appears to remain active and coordinated even after death. By, Alana Calvert & Elaine Blackburne Feb 23, 2022 409
Dying people could see lives flash before them say scientists after accidental find; Team accidentally recorded what happens to the human brain when we die and discovered it appears to remain active and coordinated even after death. By, Alana Calvert & Elaine Blackburne Feb 23, 2022 409
First recording of a dying brain suggests we may see our lives flash before our eyes; The study's organiser, Dr Ajmal Zemmar, is a neurosurgeon at the University of Louisville. By, Alana Calvert & Robert Rowlands Feb 23, 2022 396
Dying people could see lives flash before them say scientists after accidental find; Team accidentally recorded what happens to the human brain when we die and discovered it appears to remain active and coordinated even after death. By, Alana Calvert & Elaine Blackburne Feb 23, 2022 409
Brain Connectivity and Network Analysis in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Renga, Vijay Feb 7, 2022 12058
Study on the influence of Alpha wave music on working memory based on EEG. Xu, Xin; Sun, Jiawen Report Feb 1, 2022 5087
Identification of Visual Imagery by Electroencephalography Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and an Autoregressive Model. Fu, Yunfa; Li, Zhaoyang; Gong, Anmin; Qian, Qian; Su, Lei; Zhao, Lei Jan 30, 2022 6391
Prediction and Risk Assessment Models for Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Systematic Review on Case Studies. Sengupta, Jewel; Alzbutas, Robertas Report Jan 27, 2022 10283
The Neurophysiological Impact of Subacute Stroke: Changes in Cortical Oscillations Evoked by Bimanual Finger Movement. Dionísio, Ana; Gouveia, Rita; Castelhano, João; Duarte, Isabel Catarina; Santo, Gustavo C.; Sargento Jan 24, 2022 5423
Feedback Artificial Shuffled Shepherd Optimization-Based Deep Maxout Network for Human Emotion Recognition Using EEG Signals. Bhanumathi, K. S.; Jayadevappa, D.; Tunga, Satish Jan 21, 2022 5930
EEG-Based Multiword Imagined Speech Classification for Persian Words. Asghari Bejestani, M. R.; Mohammad Khani, Gh. R.; Nafisi, V. R.; Darakeh, F. Report Jan 19, 2022 8572
Epilepsy Detection Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Improved Sample Entropy. Ru, Yandong; Li, Jinbao; Chen, Hangyu; Li, Jiacheng Jan 18, 2022 6590
Recognition of Ocular Artifacts in EEG Signal through a Hybrid Optimized Scheme. Sahoo, Santosh Kumar; Mohapatra, Sumant Kumar Report Jan 17, 2022 12293
EEG Channel Selection Using Multiobjective Cuckoo Search for Person Identification as Protection System in Healthcare Applications. Abdi Alkareem Alyasseri, Zaid; Alomari, Osama Ahmad; Al-Betar, Mohammed Azmi; Awadallah, Mohammed A. Jan 12, 2022 8753
Motor Imagery EEG Decoding Based on New Spatial-Frequency Feature and Hybrid Feature Selection Method. Tang, Yuan; Zhao, Zining; Zhang, Shaorong; Li, Zhi; Mo, Yun; Guo, Yan Report Jan 7, 2022 7454
Using an Online Learning Platform to Show Students' Achievements and Attention in the Video Lecture and Online Practice Learning Environments. Lin, Chih-Hung; Wu, Wun-Hau; Lee, Tsu-Nan Report Jan 1, 2022 7180
Comparison of Fractal Dimension and Wavelet Transform Methods in Classification of S tress S tate from E EG Signals. Hamid, Fatimah Abdul; Saad, Mohamad Naufal Mohamad; Haris, Norshakila Jan 1, 2022 5262
Mirror Therapy Rehabilitation in Stroke: A Scoping Review of Upper Limb Recovery and Brain Activities. Jaafar, Nurulhuda; Che Daud, Ahmad Zamir; Ahmad Roslan, Nor Faridah; Mansor, Wahidah Dec 31, 2021 7256
WCM-Q neuromusicology research reveals secrets of human creativity. Dec 30, 2021 503
WCMQ neuromusicology research reveals secrets of human creativity. Dec 30, 2021 580
Review on EEG-Based Authentication Technology. Zhang, Shuai; Sun, Lei; Mao, Xiuqing; Hu, Cuiyun; Liu, Peiyuan Dec 24, 2021 16603
Neurophysiological Verbal Working Memory Patterns in Children: Searching for a Benchmark of Modality Differences in Audio/Video Stimuli Processing. Inguscio, Bianca Maria Serena; Cartocci, Giulia; Sciaraffa, Nicolina; Nasta, Claudia; Giorgi, Andrea Dec 20, 2021 12270
A Sleep Stage Classification Algorithm of Wearable System Based on Multiscale Residual Convolutional Neural Network. Zhong, Qinghua; Lei, Haibo; Chen, Qianru; Zhou, Guofu Dec 16, 2021 6082
Electroencephalographic Findings in Patients with COVID-19: A Single-center Experience/COVID-19 Tanili Hastalarda Elektroensefalografik Bulgular: Tek Merkez Deneyimi. Türkmen, Nur; Bugrul, Ahmet; Genç, Bülent Oguz Report Dec 15, 2021 2875
CNN-Based Personal Identification System Using Resting State Electroencephalography. Fan, Yongdong; Shi, Xiaoyu; Li, Qiong Dec 13, 2021 5846
Research on Modeling and Dynamic Characteristics of Complex Biological Neural Network Model considering BP Neural Network Method. Chen, Hongyan Dec 11, 2021 3614
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Cranial Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Epileptic Features in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex/ Tuberosklerozlu Hastalarda Kranial Manyetik Rezonans Goruntuleme ile Epilepsi Bulgularinin Degerlendirilmesi. Kilic, Huseyin; Karaman, Ahmet Kursat; Mavi, Deniz; Karatoprak, Elif Yuksel; Korkmazer, Bora; Kizilk Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 3372
Reproductive Functions in Male Patients with Epilepsy Epilepsi Tanili Erkek Hastalarda Üreme Fonksiyonlari. Çubuk, Can; Peköz, Mehmet Taylan; Bozdemir, Hacer; Aslan, Kezban Report Dec 1, 2021 4333
Multimodal intervention improves core symptoms in preschool children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Qin, Yan Report Nov 1, 2021 5738
VARIATIONS IN CLINICAL PRESENTATION, NEUROIMAGING AND EEG PATTERNS OF SUBACUTE SCLEROSING PANENCEPHALITIS. Areeba Wasim, Javeria Raza Alvi, Natasha Ghani, Athar Khalily, Zia Ur Rehman and Tipu Sultan Oct 31, 2021 2616
A Review of Methods of Diagnosis and Complexity Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Using EEG Signals. Ouchani, Mahshad; Gharibzadeh, Shahriar; Jamshidi, Mahdieh; Amini, Morteza Report Oct 27, 2021 12229
A Machine Learning-Based Big EEG Data Artifact Detection and Wavelet-Based Removal: An Empirical Approach. Stalin, Shalini; Roy, Vandana; Shukla, Prashant Kumar; Zaguia, Atef; Khan, Mohammad Monirujjaman; Sh Report Oct 7, 2021 5259
Embedding Tangent Space Extreme Learning Machine for EEG Decoding in Brain Computer Interface Systems. Zhang, Mingwei; Hou, Yao; Tang, Rongnian; Li, Youjun Sep 17, 2021 6211
Resting-state EEG Findings in Differentiating Alzheimer's Disease From Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Healthy Elderly Controls/Istirahat EEG Aktivitesi Alzheimer Hastaligini Amnestik Hafif Kognitif Bozukluk ve Saglikli Bireylerden Ayirt Edebilir. Kaya, Ozgecan; Gunduz, Duygu Hunerli; Yerlikaya, Deniz; Yener, Gorsev G. Report Sep 1, 2021 6701
Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome: A Single-Center Case Series/Glukoz Transport Tip 1 Eksikligi Sendromu: Tek Merkez Olgu Serisi. Yildirim, Mirac; Babayigit, Omur; Ilgaz, Fatma; Yalnizoglu, Dilek; Topcu, Meral Clinical report Sep 1, 2021 1958
Clinical and Electrophysiological Prognostic Factors of Childhood Absence Epilepsy. Tekin, Hande Gazeteci; Karaoglu, Pakize; Edem, Pinar Report Sep 1, 2021 4475
A Novel Machine Learning Model for the Detection of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures Using Electroencephalographic Signals Based on Chaos and Fractal Theories. Brari, Zayneb; Belghith, Safya Aug 9, 2021 4608
NREM Sleep EEG Characteristics Correlate to the Mild Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Parkinsonism. Zhang, Cheng; Wei, Luhua; Zeng, Fengqingyang; Zhang, Tingwei; Sun, Yunchuang; Shen, Yane; Wang, Guan Report Jul 26, 2021 5775
Seizure semiology in temporal lobe vs. temporal plus epilepsy using intracranial EEG monitoring. Khoja, Abeer; Albaradei, Omnyah; Alsulami, Ashwaq; MohamedAlkhaja; Alsumaili, Mohammad; Khoja, Ohood Jul 1, 2021 6091
Decoding of Motor Coordination Imagery Involving the Lower Limbs by the EEG-Based Brain Network. Fu, Yunfa; Zhou, Zhouzhou; Gong, Anmin; Qian, Qian; Su, Lei; Zhao, Lei Jun 23, 2021 8851
Single-Trial EEG Classification via Common Spatial Patterns with Mixed Lp- and Lq-Norms. Cai, Qian; Gong, Weiqiang; Deng, Yue; Wang, Haixian Report Jun 3, 2021 7211
Orgasm-induced Seizures: A Case Report and Review of the Literature/Orgazm ile Uyarilan Nobetler: Bir Olgu Sunumu ve Literaturun Gozden Gecirilmesi. Ozdemir, Huseyin Nezih; Samedli, Kamran; Gokcay, Figen; Gokcay, Ahmet Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 2119
Quantitative Electroencephalography in Patients With Depression and Epilepsy Spectrum Disorder and Its Correlation With Clinical Features of Depression. Biswas, P.S.; Ram, D.; Munda, S.K. Jun 1, 2021 4211
Personalized Emotion Recognition and Emotion Prediction System Based on Cloud Computing. Tian, Wenqiang May 27, 2021 6130
Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network for Localization of Epileptic Focus Based on iEEG. Sui, Linfeng; Zhao, Xuyang; Zhao, Qibin; Tanaka, Toshihisa; Cao, Jianting Apr 28, 2021 4522
Risk Factors of Drug-resistant Epilepsy in Children with Cerebral Palsy. Orkan, Elif Nur; Icagasioglu, Dilara Fusun Report Apr 1, 2021 314
Detection of EMG Signals by Neural Networks Using Autoregression and Wavelet Entropy for Bruxism Diagnosis. Sonmezocak, Temel; Kurt, Serkan Apr 1, 2021 7073
EEG Signal Classification Using Manifold Learning and Matrix-Variate Gaussian Model. Zhu, Lei; Hu, Qifeng; Yang, Junting; Zhang, Jianhai; Xu, Ping; Ying, Nanjiao Mar 25, 2021 6755
A Smart Detection Method of Sleep Quality Using EEG Signal and Long Short-Term Memory Model. Shi, Min; Yang, Chengyi; Zhang, Dalu Report Mar 17, 2021 5464
A Novel Human-Machine Collaboration Model of an Ankle Joint Rehabilitation Robot Driven by EEG Signals. Shi, Min; Yang, Chengyi; Zhang, Dalu Report Mar 12, 2021 5486
Estimation of Number of Levels of Scaling the Principal Components in Denoising EEG Signals. Kumar, B. Krishna Report Mar 1, 2021 2638
Prediction of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep Behaviour Disorder using EEG Signal applied EMG1 &EMG2 Channel. Siddiqui, Mohd. Maroof; Jain, Ruchin Report Mar 1, 2021 2018
Risk Factors in Childhood Intractable Epilepsy. Oncu, Dogan; Ozcelik, Ayse Aysima; Adanir, Saliha Seda Mar 1, 2021 4658
Comparison of attentional resource allocation to threat and self-relevant information: An event-related potentials study. Wang, Guan; Liu, Yuting; Fang, Yuan Report Mar 1, 2021 4603
Corticosteroid-responsive Epilepsia Partialis Continua/Kortikosteroide Yanitli Epilepsiya Parsiyalis Kontinua. Kalita, Jayantee; Pandey, Prakash Chandra; Chaudhary, Sarvesh Kumar; Singh, Varun Kumar; Misra, Usha Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 2613
Transient Encephalopathy with A Single Dose of Oral Metronidazole: A Case Report/Tek Doz Oral Metronidazol ile Gelisen Gecici Ensefalopati Olgusu: Olgu Sunumu. Altunisik, Erman; Kurt, Sebnem Zeynep Eke Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 1856
A Novel Time-Incremental End-to-End Shared Neural Network with Attention-Based Feature Fusion for Multiclass Motor Imagery Recognition. Lian, Shidong; Xu, Jialin; Zuo, Guokun; Wei, Xia; Zhou, Huilin Feb 18, 2021 8956
A New Recognition Method for the Auditory Evoked Magnetic Fields. Feng, Yulong; Xiao, Wei; Wu, Teng; Zhang, Jianwei; Xiang, Jing; Guo, Hong Feb 11, 2021 7853
Classification of Lactate Level Using Resting-State EEG Measurements. Shaban, Saad Abdulazeez; Ucan, Osman Nuri; Duru, Adil Deniz Feb 8, 2021 5212
Emotion Recognition Based on EEG using DEAP Dataset. Chaudhary, Rama; Jaswal, Ram Avtar; Dhingra, Sunil Report Jan 30, 2021 3808
ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY PATTERN IN CRITICAL ILL PATIENT WITH DECREASED LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS AT HIGH CARE UNIT. Izzawa, Kenia; Irsalina, Putri; Machin, Abdulloh; Kusumastuti, Kurnia; Islamiyah, Wardah Rahmatul; F Report Jan 30, 2021 2921
A Hybrid EMD-Wavelet EEG Feature Extraction Method for the Classification of Students' Interest in the Mathematics Classroom. Babiker, Areej; Faye, Ibrahima Jan 25, 2021 5578
Review on Emotion Recognition using EEG Signals. Chinta, Babu; Madhavan, Moorthi Report Jan 15, 2021 3321
Emotion Recognition of EEG Signals Based on the Ensemble Learning Method: AdaBoost. Chen, Yu; Chang, Rui; Guo, Jifeng Report Jan 5, 2021 7047
ANALYSIS OF EMOTIONS USING EEG DATA AND MACHINE LEARNING. Potekhin, Vyacheslav V.; Unal, Ogul Jan 1, 2021 5494
Preshooting Electroencephalographic Activity of Professional Shooters in a Competitive State. Zhang, Jie; Shi, Yunxu; Wang, Chienkai; Cao, Chunmei; Zhang, Changshui; Ji, Linhong; Cheng, Jia Jan 1, 2021 6328
Predicting Upcoming Events Occurring in the Space Surrounding the Hand. Rangel, Maria L.; Souza, Lidiane; Rodrigues, Erika C.; Oliveira, José M.; Miranda, Michelle F.; Galv Calendar Jan 1, 2021 7935
Connectivity Analysis during Rubber Hand Illusion--A Pilot TMS-EEG Study in a Patient with SCI. Frey, Vanessa N.; Thomschewski, Aljoscha; Langthaler, Patrick B.; Kunz, Alexander B.; Höller, Yvonne Jan 1, 2021 5784
Emotion Recognition of EEG Signals Based on the Ensemble Learning Method: AdaBoost. Chen, Yu; Chang, Rui; Guo, Jifeng Report Jan 1, 2021 7047
EEG-Based Personality Prediction Using Fast Fourier Transform and DeepLSTM Model. Bhardwaj, Harshit; Tomar, Pradeep; Sakalle, Aditi; Ibrahim, Wubshet Jan 1, 2021 5623
Application of EEG Signal Recognition Method Based on Duffing Equation in Psychological Stress Analysis. Chai, Min; Ba, Lei Jan 1, 2021 6285
A Novel Machine Learning Model for the Detection of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures Using Electroencephalographic Signals Based on Chaos and Fractal Theories. Brari, Zayneb; Belghith, Safya Report Jan 1, 2021 4606
Time-Frequency Analysis of EEG Signals and GLCM Features for Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring. Mousavi, Seyed Mortaza; Asgharzadeh-Bonab, Akbar; Ranjbarzadeh, Ramin Jan 1, 2021 6988
Controlling an Anatomical Robot Hand Using the Brain-Computer Interface Based on Motor Imagery. Herath, H. M. K. K. M. B.; de Mel, W.R. Jan 1, 2021 7825
Low Back Pain Assessment Based on Alpha Oscillation Changes in Spontaneous Electroencephalogram (EEG). Feng, Li; Li, Hanlei; Cui, Hongyan; Xie, Xiaobo; Xu, Shengpu; Hu, Yong Jan 1, 2021 6722
Processing of Affective Pictures: A Study Based on Functional Connectivity Network in the Cerebral Cortex. He, Zhongyang; Yang, Kai; Zhuang, Ning; Zeng, Ying Report Jan 1, 2021 7707
Personalized Emotion Recognition and Emotion Prediction System Based on Cloud Computing. Tian, Wenqiang Report Jan 1, 2021 6130
Neuroergonomic Stress Assessment with Two Different Methodologies, in a Manual Repetitive Task-Product Assembly. García-Acosta, Ana; Riva-Rodríguez, Jorge de la; Sánchez-Leal, Jaime; Reyes-Martínez, Rosa María Jan 1, 2021 6960
A Novel Human-Machine Collaboration Model of an Ankle Joint Rehabilitation Robot Driven by EEG Signals. Shi, Min; Yang, Chengyi; Zhang, Dalu Report Jan 1, 2021 5487
Utilizing EEG to Explore Design Fixation during Creative Idea Generation. Cao, Juan; Zhao, Wu; Guo, Xin Jan 1, 2021 7094
A Smart Detection Method of Sleep Quality Using EEG Signal and Long Short-Term Memory Model. Shi, Min; Yang, Chengyi; Zhang, Dalu Report Jan 1, 2021 5464
A Dense Long Short-Term Memory Model for Enhancing the Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface. Zhang, Xiaofei; Wang, Tao; Xiong, Qi; Guo, Yina Jan 1, 2021 5926
Research on Differential Brain Networks before and after WM Training under Different Frequency Band Oscillations. Tian, Yin; Zhou, Huishu; Zhang, Huiling; Li, Tianhao Jan 1, 2021 8613
Action Intention Understanding EEG Signal Classification Based on Improved Discriminative Spatial Patterns. Xiong, Xingliang; Yu, Hua; Wang, Haixian; Jiang, Jiuchuan Jan 1, 2021 4090
A Young man with Peri-ictal water drinking. Alanazi, Ghalib M. Jan 1, 2021 1749
Antiepileptic Drug Management in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Are Vascular Neurologists Utilizing Electroencephalograms? An Observational Cohort Study. Rao, Rahul; Monlezun, Dominique J.; Kimbrough, Tara; Burkett, Brian J.; Samai, Alyana; Martin-Schild Report Dec 21, 2020 4245
EEG Correlates of Central Origin of Cancer-Related Fatigue. Allexandre, Didier; Seyidova-Khoshknabi, Dilara; Davis, Mellar P.; Ranganathan, Vinoth K.; Siemionow Dec 11, 2020 8159
A Multifrequency Brain Network-Based Deep Learning Framework for Motor Imagery Decoding. Xue, Juntao; Ren, Feiyue; Sun, Xinlin; Yin, Miaomiao; Wu, Jialing; Ma, Chao; Gao, Zhongke Dec 7, 2020 7067
Brain Scientific files provisional US patent application for a new, long-term monitoring EEG cap. Dec 3, 2020 447
Dyskinesia in a Prepubertal Boy After the First Dose of Methylphenidate and the Association of Focal Epileptiform Activity: A Case Report. Cevikaslan, Ahmet; Duman, Ozgur; Kutluk, Muhammet Gultekin Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 1636
Effect of fixed dental prosthesis on the brain functions of partially edentulous patients--pilot study with power spectrum density analysis. Saikia, Uddipta Prafulla; Chander, N. Gopi; Balasubramanian, Muthukumar Dec 1, 2020 3479
Schizophrenia EEG Signal Classification Based on Swarm Intelligence Computing. Prabhakar, Sunil Kumar; Rajaguru, Harikumar; Kim, Sun-Hee Nov 30, 2020 9625
EEG Assessment in a 2-Year-Old Child with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness: 3 Years' Follow-up. Xu, Gang; Sheng, Qianqian; Xin, Qinggang; Song, Yanxin; Zhang, Gaoyan; Yuan, Lin; Zhao, Peng Nov 27, 2020 4731
Mental Fatigue Has Great Impact on the Fractal Dimension of Brain Functional Network. Li, Gang; Xu, Yanting; Jiang, Yonghua; Jiao, Weidong; Xu, Wanxiu; Zhang, Jianhua Nov 12, 2020 7011
Classification of Resting-State Status Based on Sample Entropy and Power Spectrum of Electroencephalography (EEG). Mohamed, Ahmed M. A.; Uçan, Osman N.; Bayat, OÄuz; Duru, Adil Deniz Nov 11, 2020 5831
Feature extraction for epileptic seizure detection using machine learning. Khati, Renuka; Ingle, Rajesh Nov 1, 2020 3504
Detection of Electrophysiological Activity of Amygdala during Anesthesia Using Stereo-EEG: A Preliminary Research in Anesthetized Epileptic Patients. Liang, Tao; Wu, Fan; Sun, Yongxing; Wang, Baoguo Report Oct 9, 2020 4853
Infants' routine video electroencephalogram findings in a Saudi tertiary hospital. Abualsaud, Dalya A.; Jad, Lamya A. Oct 1, 2020 3333
The New Science of Learning: Using the Power and Potential of the Brain to Inform Digital Learning. Huang, Hsu-Wen; King, Jung-Tai; Lee, Chia-Lin Report Oct 1, 2020 8696
An EEG Feature Extraction Method Based on Sparse Dictionary Self-Organizing Map for Event-Related Potential Recognition. Feng, Shang; Li, Haifeng; Ma, Lin; Xu, Zhongliang Oct 1, 2020 8610
Frontal Alpha Complexity of Different Severity Depression Patients. Zhao, Lulu; Yang, Licai; Li, Baimin; Su, Zhonghua; Liu, Chengyu Report Sep 22, 2020 5125
Intelligent system for early diagnosis of paediatric cerebral malaria from an electroencephalogram. Flore, Temgoua PéLagie; Fotso, Jean Kuate; Isaoura, BéNite; Ele, Patrice Sep 1, 2020 2694
Study of Electrical Brain Signal during Verbal Cognitive Assignment. Shriram, Revati; Daimiwal, Nivedita Report Sep 1, 2020 3958
EEG Feature Extraction Using Genetic Programming for the Classification of Mental States. Z-Flores, Emigdio; Trujillo, Leonardo; Legrand, Pierrick; Faita-Ainseba, Frederique Report Sep 1, 2020 12542
Erratum: Harris, C; White, P.J.; Mohler, V.L.; Lomax, S. Electroencephalography Can Distinguish between Pain and Anaesthetic Intervention in Conscious Lambs Undergoing Castration. Animals 2020,10,428. Harris, Charissa; White, Peter John; Mohler, Virginia L.; Lomax, Sabrina Correction notice Sep 1, 2020 319
Differences in Clinical Characteristics and Brain Activity between Patients with Low- and High-Frequency Tinnitus. Zhang, Jiajia; Zhang, Zhen; Huang, Shujian; Zhou, Huiqun; Feng, Yanmei; Shi, Haibo; Wang, Dan; Nan, Aug 31, 2020 8361
Modified Support Vector Machine for Detecting Stress Level Using EEG Signals. Gupta, Richa; Alam, M. Afshar; Agarwal, Parul Aug 31, 2020 6257
Spatial-Frequency Feature Learning and Classification of Motor Imagery EEG Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network. Miao, Minmin; Hu, Wenjun; Yin, Hongwei; Zhang, Ke Aug 31, 2020 6910
An Automatic Epilepsy Detection Method Based on Improved Inductive Transfer Learning. Yao, Yufeng; Cui, Zhiming Aug 31, 2020 7818
An Epilepsy Detection Method Using Multiview Clustering Algorithm and Deep Features. Zhan, Qianyi; Hu, Wei Aug 31, 2020 6231
DE-CNN: An Improved Identity Recognition Algorithm Based on the Emotional Electroencephalography. Wang, Yingdong; Wu, Qingfeng; Wang, Chen; Ruan, Qunsheng Aug 31, 2020 7343
An EEG Database and Its Initial Benchmark Emotion Classification Performance. Seal, Ayan; Reddy, Puthi Prem Nivesh; Chaithanya, Pingali; Meghana, Arramada; Jahnavi, Kamireddy; Kr Aug 31, 2020 8016
A Computationally Efficient Method for Hybrid EEG-fNIRS BCI Based on the Pearson Correlation. Hasan, Mustafa A. H.; Khan, Muhammad U.; Mishra, Deepti Report Aug 31, 2020 6127
Method for Selecting an Engagement Index for a Specific Type of Game Using Cognitive Neuroscience. Biercewicz, Konrad; Borawski, Mariusz; Duda, Jaroslaw Aug 31, 2020 11564
Deep Learning Algorithm for Brain-Computer Interface. Mansoor, Asif; Usman, Muhammad Waleed; Jamil, Noreen; Naeem, M. Asif Aug 25, 2020 7732
Insular epilepsy, an under-recognized seizure semiology: A review for general neurologist. Aljafen, Bandar N. Aug 1, 2020 4171
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