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Electrification by solar energy in the village of SAHEBO, M%bahiakro department, region IFFOU.

Project Number: CIV/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/CC/14/45

Country: Cote d%ivoire

Area Of Work: Climate Change Mitigation

Operational Phase: Phase 5

Grant Amount: US$ 23,069.65

Co-Financing cash: US$ 27,264.13

Start Date: 8/2014

End Date: 8/2015

Status: Not active yet

Project Description:. Presentation of the organization, experience, etc.

Mutual for Economic and Social Development SAHEBO "MUDESS" promoting the project was established in 2004 and registered under No. 698 / AT / DGAT / DAG / SDVA the prefecture M%bahiakro. It pursues the objectives of promoting socio-economic development of the village and also serves as an interface between the village and the administrative and political authorities.

II. problematic

Village SAHEBO in the Department of M%bahiakro, IFFOU region is not connected to the national grid. Which hinders its development.

To remedy this, the project plans to electrify the village from solar energy.

III. Sponsor: Mutual for Economic and Social Development SAHEBO "MUDESS"

IV. Area: Climate Change

V. Summary of the project

The project is to electrify the village of SAHEBO from solar energy, including main roads, some households. The project also provides for the creation of a center of conviviality.

VI. Project location:

Village SAHEBO, M%bahiakro department, region IFFOU.

VII. target

The village community village SAHEBO, Department of M%bahiakro, IFFOU region.

VIII. General objective of the project

Contribute to improving the living conditions of rural populations.

IX. specific Objectives

- Avoid emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) associated with the use of kerosene as a primary energy source.

- Improve the living conditions of the population;

- Improve education outcomes;

X. Key Expected Results

The expected results are:

- Emission of CO2 avoided;

- Five (05) teachers% houses are electrified;

- Two (02) classrooms are electrified,

- Four (04) households are electrified large families;

- A center of conviviality created and electrified;

- One (01) solar street light is installed and running;

- A health center and a nursing home electrified.

XI. main activities

- Awareness

- Installing solar equipment

- Training of beneficiaries in the maintenance and management of equipment

XII. Innovation, community involvement and strategy implementation

The beneficiary community is behind the project and also take an active part throughout its implementation. Young people will include assistance for the installation of equipment.

XIII. Gender approach of the project and participation of women

Women benefit greatly as a result of this project; in particular they have access to education and literacy.

XIV. Benefit to the local sustainable development

The benefit is the reduction of CO2 emission, improving the conditions of living and literacy development.

XV. Risks and Mitigation Measures

Theft and lack of maintenance of equipment. To overcome this, the project will establish a management

country :Cote D'Ivoire

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 24, 2014
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