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Electrification a l energie solaire d infrastructures communautaires a Moussakro dans le departement d ABENGOUROU (Electrification solar community infrastructure to Moussakro in the department ABENGOUROU).

Operational Phase: Phase 5

Grant Amount:US$ 12,573.00

Description :

Scope of the GEF: Climate Change

Project Features

I. Background

The SGP and Coffee Cocoa Board signed an agreement April 29, 2014, to improve infrastructure and basic living conditions of people in the producing areas Coffee and cocoa in Ivory Coast.

This agreement is for the supply and installation of solar equipment and on community projects distributed in 14 villages in the coffee-producing areas including the village of cocoa Moussakro.

II. Problematic

Moussakro is a village in the region of Abengourou. He has over 2000 inhabitants and has two primary schools. However, the village of Moussakro is no electricity; which hinders its development.

To overcome this problem, the project envisages the alternative to solar energy.

III. Project outline

The project aims to electrify solar two primary schools, teachers housing, the village chief's court, the main streets of the village, and installing a battery charging unit.

IV. Presentation of the organization, experience, etc.

The project will be implemented through mutual development Moussakro which works for the development of Moussakro.

V. Project location:

The project will occur Moussakro, Abengourou region.

VI. Target:

This project is for 2,000 villagers of Moussakro.

VII. Goal:

The project aims to improve the living conditions of rural populations.

VIII. Specific objective

Specifically, the project aims at the end of one year:

- Improve access of populations Moussakro to basic social infrastructure.

IX. Expected Results

- School performance is improved;

- The living conditions of Moussakro populations have improved;

- The development of income generating activities is effective;

- The teaching staff lies in the village of Moussakro.

X. Activities to be undertaken

- Awareness

- Establishment of facilities management committee;

- Electrification of the village infrastructure (2 primary schools teachers of housing, the house of the village head; 3 main streets of the village);

- Installation of a battery charging unit powered by solar energy;

- Training of beneficiaries in the maintenance and use of solar equipment;

- Monitoring and Supervision.

XI. Innovation, community participation and implementation strategy

The beneficiaries involved in the project. They also provide the workforce needed for equipment installation. Some beneficiaries will be trained to insured servicing and maintenance of facilities.

XII. Project kind of approach and participation of women:

Women as well as men are integrated into the project cycle. Women are represented in the solar infrastructure management committee. In addition, the realization of this project will create income-generating activities by women.

XIII. Profit for sustainable local development

The project will improve access to learning and support the development of literacy. The advent of electricity will also promote the development o

Project completion date : 2016-08-31 12:00:00


Address : UNDP 01 B.P. 1747


Country :Cote D'Ivoire

Email :,

Financier : Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (SGP),

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 5, 2015
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