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Electricity price may go up this summer.

It is possible for the electricity price to go up in the course of the summer in view of the intervention import in February for handling more easily the energy crisis. The power companies, ELEM and EVN, say their costs last winter increased. The Regulatory Energy Commission confirmed the companies filed new requests that will be considered by the end of the month before taking the decision whether and by how much the electricity price should climb up.

ELEM and EVN refused to confirm officially that in their reports to the Regulatory Energy Commission they called for a price revision. However, it is quite logical that their outlays in the past few months of the year went up considering the consumption of electricity considerably increased especially during the winter.

"We had talks with EVN and ELEM about their costs. We are monitoring their costs monthly based on their reports. At the moment, the operative costs incurred during the winter months as a result of the high price of the imported electricity are being processed. Under the rulebook on regulating prices of companies, if their costs increase by more than 5 percent, they are entitled to filing an application for a price increase," says Dimitar Petrov, President of the Regulatory Energy Commission.

The extraordinary import of electricity may drive up the price of electricity. ELEM decided to make additional imports because the Government decided not to turn on the Negotino thermoelectric power station. The price revision is done once a year, at the end of the year. The last time the electricity price increased, by 7 percent, was in January of 2012.
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Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Jun 12, 2012
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