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Electricity Ministry studies increasing consumer fees starting July.

The Ministry of Electricity is considering increasing the value of services in monthly consumption bills at various rates, ranging between 14% and 37%.

Sources at the Ministry of Electricity said discussions are being held to increase the value of services on the bills, especially as the ministry is implementing projects to develop transmission and distribution networks to improve the quality of electricity services with investments of up to EGP 40bn.

The sources added that the value of services, which is calculated in electricity bills, includes fees for metre readings and collections from subscribers, as well as fault repairs.

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Electricity contracted with a private company to read the metres and will pay for the contracts by collecting fees from consumers as a customer service.

The sources said that the biggest increase in customer service fees will be on the consumer segments from 650-1,000 kW and above.

The Ministry of Electricity has set prices for customer service within the monthly consumption bill for the current fiscal year for household uses at EGP 1 for consumers of up to 50 kWh, EGP 2 for consumers of up to 100 kWh, and EGP 6 for consumers of up to 200 kWh.

As for consumers of up to 350kWh, they will pay EGP 11 per month, consumers of up to 650 kWh will pay EGP 15, consumers of up 1,000 kWh will pay EGP 25, and consumers of over 1,000 kWh will pay EGP 40.

The Ministry of Electricity set prices for customer services in monthly consumption bills in the current fiscal year for commercial users at EGP 5 for up to 100 kWh, EGP 15 for up to 250 kWh, and EGP 20 for up to 600 kWh.

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Publication:Daily News Egypt (Egypt)
Date:Feb 19, 2018
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