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Electrical workers in Pennsylvania settle.

Pennsylvania Power and Light Co. and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers settled for 5,300 workers. Wages were increased by 4.75 percent effective immediately and 4.5 percent in the second and third years, with the third-year increase subject to renegotiation if the Consumer Price Index rises by more than 6 percent over the March 1986--March 1987 period.

Other changes include second surgical opinions and other requirements intended to contain health care cost increases; a cut in the allowance for employees using personal vehicles for business, to 20.5 cents a mile, from 21 cents; a 3-cent-an-hour increase in shift differentials in each year; and changes in the pension plan to conform with new Federal laws.
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Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Oct 1, 1985
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