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Electrical fires deadline vehicle.


Unit commanders should deadline all HEMTT -A4 models that haven't had a hydraulic line inspection and corrective repair performed yet! Park these HEMTTs and set the 24V battery disconnect switch to OFF. Otherwise, a problem with electrical fires could destroy the HEMTT -A4 or kill or hurt Soldiers.


Hydraulic lines rubbing on the positive starter terminal is the root cause of these fires. The outer layer of the hose eventually wears through to the metal reinforcements. That leads to arcing between the starter terminal and the hydraulic line, which sets leaking hydraulic fluid on fire.

Three Repair Options


1) Emergency fix: This option is only approved for Afghanistan. Just use hose ties to isolate the hydraulic hoses from the starter terminal. Then do the interim fix as soon as possible.

2) Interim fix: For this option, worn hoses shall be replaced before applying the interim fix to the vehicles. A standoff bracket and hose-restraining straps attach the hydraulic lines to the charge air cooler posts. This keeps the lines away from the starter terminals and other electrical connections. Use this method until the permanent fix can be applied.

3) Permanent fix: As parts become available, the contractor will apply this permanent solution for your unit's HEMTT -A4 fleet. They'll lock the hydraulic and electrical routings into a single configuration using pillow blocks and P-clamps to secure the hoses.


Contractors Can Do the Work!

Units in SWA can order the interim repair kit and any necessary replacement hoses and perform the interim fix. Or they can have the contractor representative do the work.

For vehicles outside SWA, a contractor representative will install the interim fix until the production fix is available. They will do the production repair, too.


Setting Up Repairs

There is no cost to units for parts or contractor labor. Of course, labor is non-reimbursable if units replace parts themselves.

Look for changes to EM 0288 at the next revision. It will show the new configuration and give PMCS and maintenance procedures for the HEMTT -A4's interim fix.


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