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Electrical conductivity of poly (vinyl alcohol)/carbon nanotube multilayer thin films: Influence of sodium polystyrene sulfonate mediated carbon nanotube dispersion. Rama, Prasad; Kummara, Sreenivas; Bandyopadhyaya, Rajdip; Panwar, Ajay S.; Bhattacharyya, Arup R. Report Nov 1, 2020 5780
Physicochemical Characterization of Mining Waste from the Betare-Oya Gold Area (East Cameroon) and an Adsorption Test by Sabga Smectite (North-West Cameroon). Luc Leroy, Mambou Ngueyep; Jacques Richard, Mache; Mouhamed, Ayiwouo Ngounouno; Sifeu, Takougang Kin Oct 9, 2020 7708
Analysis of Resistivity Anisotropy of Loaded Coal Samples. Li, Xiangchun; An, Zhenxing; Zhang, Qi; Chen, Xiaolong; Ye, Xinwei; Jia, Suye Jun 30, 2020 7013
Prediction of Production Performance of Refractured Shale Gas Well considering Coupled Multiscale Gas Flow and Geomechanics. Li, Zhiqiang; Qi, Zhilin; Yan, Wende; Xiang, Zuping; Ao, Xiang; Huang, Xiaoliang; Mo, Fei Mar 1, 2020 11648
Synthesis of Binary [Bi.sub.2][S.sub.3]/ZnO Nanorod Array Heterostructure and Their Photoelectrochemical Performance. Zahrani, Asla A. AL-; Zainal, Zulkarnain; Talib, Zainal Abidin; Lim, Hong Ngee; Fudzi, Laimy Mohd; H Aug 31, 2019 6079
Electrochemical behavior of tryptophan (TRP) in the presence of interfering agents using a vitreous carbon electrode modified with thiourea (TIO) and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs)/Comportamiento electroquimico del Triptofano (TRP) en presencia de interferentes empleando un electrodo de carbon vitreo modificado con Tiourea (TIO) y nanoparticulas de oro (AuNPs). Menolasina, S.; Campos, R.; Padilla, C. Report Jan 1, 2019 3601
A proposed index to assess quality of waters from desalination plants/Proposta de indice para avaliacao da qualidade das aguas de estacoes de dessalinizacao. Antas, Francisco P. de S.; Freitas, Jair J.R. de; Oliveira, Andre M. de; Dias, Nildo da S.; Lima, Al Oct 1, 2018 5322
Towards incorporation of potassium into the disaggregation model for determination of soil-specific threshold electrolyte concentration. Dang, A.; Bennett, J.M.; Marchuk, A.; Marchuk, S.; Biggs, A.J.W.; Raine, S.R. Report Oct 1, 2018 7551
Polymer Nanoparticles: Adsorption and Desorption of the Weedkiller Tebuthiuron Turned to Green Chemistry. de Oliveira, Patricia Neves; Andrade, Romulo Davi Albuquerque Report Apr 1, 2018 1879
Experimental Study of the Characteristic Changes of Coal Resistivity during the Gas Adsorption/Desorption Process. Feng, Zengchao; Wang, Chen; Dong, Dong; Zhao, Dong; Zhou, Dong Jan 1, 2018 4177
Experimental Study on Bioclogging in Porous Media during the Radioactive Effluent Percolation. Gui, Rong; Pan, Yu-xiang; Ding, De-xin; Liu, Yong; Zhang, Zhi-jun Jan 1, 2018 3799
Valorizing Rice Straw and Its Anaerobically Digested Residues for Biochar to Remove Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution. Li, Jinyang; Shen, Fei; Yang, Gang; Zhang, Yanzong; Deng, Shihuai; Zhang, Jing; Zeng, Yongmei; Luo, Jan 1, 2018 8787
Quality Indices of Groundwater for Agricultural Use in the Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico. de Leon, German Santacruz; Leal, Jose Alfredo Ramos; Ramirez, Janete Moran; Lopez, Alvarez Briseida; Report Sep 1, 2017 7323
An Experimental Study on Solidifying Municipal Sewage Sludge through Skeleton Building Using Cement and Coal Gangue. Yang, Jiankang; Lu, Haijun; Zhang, Xiong; Li, Jixiang; Wang, Weiwei Report Jan 1, 2017 8351
Adsorption Properties of Typical Lung Cancer Breath Gases on Ni-SWCNTs through Density Functional Theory. Wan, Qianqian; Xu, Yancheng; Zhang, Xiaoxing Jan 1, 2017 4894
Transport characteristics of heavy metals, metalloids and pesticides through major agricultural soils of Bangladesh as determined by TDR. Mojid, M.A.; Hossain, A.B.M.Z.; Cappuyns, V.; Wyseure, G.C.L. Report Nov 1, 2016 12715
Saturation of the exchange complex of oxidic soils with sodium/ Saturacao do complexo de troca de solos oxidicos com sodio. de Matos, Antonio T.; Neto, Onofre B. Almeida; de Matos, Mateus P. May 1, 2014 4425
Preparation method of [Co.sub.3][O.sub.4] nanoparticles using degreasing cotton and their electrochemical performances in supercapacitors. Xu, Hongyan; Gao, Libo; Zhang, Qiang; Li, Junyang; Diwu, Jiangtao; Chou, Xiujian; Tang, Jun; Xue, Ch Jan 1, 2014 5715
Optimization of DNA sensor model based nanostructured graphene using particle swarm optimization technique. Karimi, Hediyeh; Yusof, Rubiyah; Rahmani, Rasoul; Ahmadi, Mohammad Taghi Jan 1, 2014 5004
Anodic CaO-Ti[O.sub.2] nanotubes composite film for low temperature C[O.sub.2] adsorption. Lai, Chin Wei Jan 1, 2014 3786
Electrohemical properties of carbon nanotube paste electrodes modified with redox cationic dyes/Propriedades eletroquimicas de eletrodos a base de pasta de nanotubo de carbono modificados com corantes redox cationicos. Antonio, Juliana Maria Ramos; Tarley, Cesar Ricardo Teixeira; Pereira, Arnaldo Cesar Jul 1, 2012 3286
Detection of human apolipoprotein E genotypes by DNA electrochemical biosensor coupled with PCR. Marrazza, Giovanna; Chiti, Giacomo; Mascini, Marco; Anichini, Mario Jan 1, 2000 4118

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