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Consumers must not pay for the added costs of the Malampaya shutdown. Nov 27, 2021 726
PH urged to cut power cost for manufacturing. Conference news Nov 22, 2021 651
Meralco rates up P0.3256/kWh this November. Nov 12, 2021 547
Recto files bill seeking to lower cost of electricity and petroleum products. Nov 9, 2021 723
House inquiry exposes serious power supply issues. Oct 12, 2021 722
Looming power crisis and prices. Sep 25, 2021 735
DOE admits higher future rate hikes. Jul 5, 2021 546
ERC probe to zero in on 'profit-takers' during WESM price spikes. Jul 1, 2021 541
Preventing the power sector from slipping into dire straits. Rahim, Shahid Jun 13, 2021 1415
Cote d'Ivoire- Coupures d'electricite: Un site web et un numero vert a disposition pour suivre le programme de rationnement. Brief article Jun 12, 2021 291
Power tripping. Jun 9, 2021 673
Cote d'Ivoire - Coupures d'electricite : Un site web et un numero vert a disposition pour suivre le programme de rationnement. Brief article Jun 5, 2021 273
Twin fronts to lower prices of goods and electricity. Column Jun 5, 2021 714
Rotating brownouts may last until June 7. Jun 1, 2021 759
ERC bars PSALM from passing on new universal charges in electric bills. Apr 7, 2021 519
Plant outages, Malampaya gas restriction triggering power rate spikes. Apr 6, 2021 543
Bayan Muna solon calls for probe on Meralco rate hike during ECQ. Apr 6, 2021 533
Meralco power rates down in February. Feb 17, 2021 658
Cheaper costs of renewable energy (Part 1). Jan 30, 2021 818
ERC still firming up 'price ceiling' for RE auction under RPS. Jan 18, 2021 533
Meralco offers P13.9-B refund to customers within 24 months. Jan 14, 2021 529
Forecast of Short-Term Electricity Price Based on Data Analysis. Wu, Shuang; He, Li; Zhang, Zhaolong; Du, Yu Report Jan 1, 2021 6095
FIT-All rate increase for RE to greet consumers. Dec 31, 2020 660
Feed-in-Tariff shocker. Dec 26, 2020 710
POWER RATES DOWN IN NOVEMBER 2020. Nov 26, 2020 789
POWER RATES DOWN IN NOVEMBER 2020. Nov 17, 2020 803
At Usapang Kongreso on power rates. Oct 24, 2020 969
Maintenance of Malampaya to trigger power rate hikes. Oct 14, 2020 516
Plant outages, gas restriction cause new spikes in power rates. Sep 18, 2020 516
PSALM seeks P8-B power reduction subsidy. Sep 7, 2020 536
Projection of 'Luzon-priced' electricity in Mindanao worries solon. Aug 25, 2020 599
Study of Frequency Characteristics for Three-Coil Wireless Power Transfer System with Different Positions. Zhang, Xueyi; Yuan, Yang; Li, Zhongqi Report Jun 1, 2020 5027
Energy wheeling - advantages and challenges. Rehan, Muhammad; Farhan, Muhammad Feb 9, 2020 1294
Electricite : le Premier Ministre lance les travaux d'extension pour 8 000 menages de Gagnoa. Brief article Jan 18, 2020 155
Electricite : 3 700 habitants du A de Katiola raccordes au reseau. Brief article Nov 30, 2019 160
Optimization of Quasi-Constant Mutual Inductance of Asymmetrical Coils with Lateral Misalignment in Wireless Power Transfer System. Li, Zhongqi; Li, Jing; Yi, Jiliang; Liao, Wuxian; Zhang, Min Report Nov 1, 2019 4406
Electricite Pour Tous : le Premier Ministre Amadou Gon Coulibaly procede au lancement des travaux d'extension du reseau electrique dans 29 quartiers de Man. Brief article Oct 26, 2019 169
Pakistan's alternative energy gains face climate changing test. Fazl-E-Haider, Syed Oct 13, 2019 1175
Electricity price misery. Kazmi, S. Kamal Hayder Jul 28, 2019 723
Power tariff stays high on rise in capacity payments. Jul 28, 2019 439
Cabinet opposes renewal of IPP energy purchase contracts. Jul 28, 2019 400
ELECTRICITY ACCESS: More affordable technology and off-grid renewable energy is giving people increased access to electricity across Africa. Jul 1, 2019 862
"THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES FOR REGULATORS". Ofori, Mami Dufie Jul 1, 2019 828
GRID-SCALE RENEWABLES: RISING TO THE CHALLENGE: African states are seizing the opportunity to meet fast-rising power demand with clean energy, writes Ian Lewis. Lewis, Ian Jul 1, 2019 1972
AFRICA'S ENERGY SECTOR: FIRING THE CONTINENT'S FUTURE. Kedem, Shoshana Interview Jul 1, 2019 1266
AFRICAN UTILITIES AT A CROSSROAD: HOW MUCH POWER IS ENOUGH? Restructuring has helped the fortunes of some public utilities, but others remain big loss-makers. Jul 1, 2019 1861
Net metering veto spreads misinformation: Governor's message misrepresents sound energy policy. Mineau, Madeleine Jun 21, 2019 690
Ministry of Electricity Announces New Prices. May 31, 2019 492
Egypt Generates 6,000 MW from Renewables. Brief article May 31, 2019 203
Cabinet Denies Electricity Prices Increase for July. Brief article May 31, 2019 128
Cardinal turns on shelter lights. May 31, 2019 195
HB 365 plugs the net metering utility loophole. Turner, Harold May 24, 2019 493
Rate design: the fun phase of any rate case: How regulators try to reconcile competing policy imperatives. Kreis, D. Maurice May 10, 2019 1106
THE GREEN NEW DEAL IS ANTIDEMOCRATIC. Bailey, Ronald Apr 17, 2019 740
'Eskom is unduly obese'. Williams, Stephen Interview Apr 1, 2019 1017
Researchers convert Wi-Fi signals to electricity with 2D materials. Mar 1, 2019 187
NJBPU approves electricity auction results. Perry, Jessica Feb 8, 2019 353
Cote d'Ivoire- electricite : Abdourahmane Cisse a l'ANARE-CI. Brief article Jan 26, 2019 159
Cote d'Ivoire : faut-il punir les fraudeurs a l'electricite ? Jan 5, 2019 1066
All That Glows: Then and Now at the Manitoba Hydro Electrical Museum. Brief article Dec 22, 2018 161
McCormick to receive power from Florida-based utility. Dec 13, 2018 453
Same Sun, Superior Science: Better tech makes renewable energy systems more affordable. Stricker, Julie Dec 1, 2018 1823
Harvesting the wind is a win/win solution to climate change. Nov 19, 2018 976
PSEG says bills to remain stable after BPU OKs agreement. Hutter, David Oct 29, 2018 245
New Brunswick City Council approves community solar program. Munoz, Daniel J. Aug 16, 2018 347
SCE&G injunction request denied again. Brief article Aug 6, 2018 296
Dominion watching legal maneuverings with interest. Aug 2, 2018 761
Textile industry struggles to bounce back. Brief article Jul 31, 2018 280
A vibrant energy market: Jon Marks and David Slater of Africa Energy Live Date draw on the company's database of over 5,300 projects to review the state of the continent's energy market. Marks, Jon; Slater, David Report Jul 1, 2018 2995
New opportunities, old problems in East Africa: East Africa can be a difficult market, but the region offers significant opportunities for companies that take the time to understand the terrain. Marks, Daniel Jul 1, 2018 1667
Building an integrated electricity market in West Africa: West African utilities and regulators are making serious efforts to make the dream of the West African Power Pool a reality. Melly, Paul Jul 1, 2018 1302
Developing power in the Senegal river basin. Jul 1, 2018 859
Nigeria's power reforms: a work in progress: Abuja is serious about reviving the power sector, but will investors be convinced by what's on offer? Lewis, Ian Jul 1, 2018 1937
'I think of PPPs as patience, patience, patience--that's what you need'. Interview Jul 1, 2018 1368
Energy strategy update is eally a 'down-date'. Backus, Bob Jun 8, 2018 702
Burgess BioPower passes th cost-benefit test: The plant's economic benefits ar exceed any additional costs for the power it produces. Gottlob, Brian Jun 8, 2018 752
Environmental activists ignore energy realities. Sullivan, Tom Apr 27, 2018 586
Energetic discussion: NET METERING BILL STIRS HEATED DEBATE BEFORE HOUSE PANEL. Sanders, Bob Apr 13, 2018 367
GREEN & ACCESSIBLE. Martin, Brittany Report Apr 1, 2018 1912
Northern Pass or another path? What New Hampshire can learn from Mass. and Vermont about renewable energy. Weeks, Dan Mar 30, 2018 628
Electricity in Quebec before Nationalization, 1919 to 1939. Geloso, Vincent; Belzile, Germain Report Mar 1, 2018 8996
Just another routine day for NH ratepayers. Kreis, D. Maurice Feb 16, 2018 685
The arrogance of Eversource: Utility's reaction to Northern Pass decision is a history lesson. Cohen, Burt Feb 16, 2018 575
Grid Parity and Cost Reduction Incentives for "Green Producers" in Electricity Markets. Currier, Kevin M.; Rassouli-Currier, Susanne Report Feb 1, 2018 6516
Confidential order: PUC CALLS FOR RELEASE OF INFO ON $100 MILLION BERLIN BIOMASS COSTS. Jensen, Chris Oct 27, 2017 322
The utility property tax bonanza. Roche, Jim Oct 27, 2017 666
Africa welcomes renewables revolution: The rapidly falling cost of wind and solar photovoltaics is making renewable energies the solution of choice on cost alone. Ford, Neil Oct 1, 2017 1016
Angola's coming power struggle. Collins, Tom Oct 1, 2017 899
Manitoba Electrical Museum a Christmas Treat. Brief article Sep 22, 2017 267
Opportunities abound in off-grid appliances market: until recently, off-grid solutions have focused on supplying consumers' basic needs, but a vast range of new possibilities is opening up. Gupta, Gaurav Survey Aug 1, 2017 832
Egyptians feel the brunt of austerity drive: lenders and investors have welcomed the Egyptian government's cutting of subsidies, but many ordinary Egyptians are feeling the pinch. Mitchell, Charlie Aug 1, 2017 920
'Direct-from-grid' electricity: a cost-saving option: hands-on purchasing gives larger users a chance to benefit from wholesale pricing. Fromuth, Gus Jul 21, 2017 405
Electrify everything: shifting to low-carbon energy requires an economic and social transition. Dolter, Brett Jun 22, 2017 1215
Biomass deal hits ratepayers: eversource customers may foot extra $100m bill for Berlin plant. Jensen, Chris May 26, 2017 1216
Past lessons in electric rates: as in the 1990s, there are self-help strategies for businesses seeking near-term relief. Rodier, Jim May 12, 2017 760
Northern Pass just isn't worth it. Reardon, Judy Viewpoint essay May 12, 2017 690
Municipal assessments and your electric bill. Roche, Jim Viewpoint essay May 12, 2017 642
Data acquisition system to detect partial earth fault tampering and to monitor energy usage using smart energy meter. Anushree, S.V.; Shanthi, T.; Prabha, S.U.; Rajalakshmi, D. Report Apr 15, 2017 1590
Hybrid implementation of FACTS devices in economic load dispatch using evolutionary algorithms. Muralikrishnan, N.; Alamelumangai, G. Report Apr 1, 2017 2064
Power and smart meters: a political perspective on the social acceptance of energy projects. Jegen, Maya; Philion, Xavier D. Report Mar 1, 2017 8295
Energy myths and energy facts: efficiency is still the easiest way to save money on electricity. Backus, Bob Jan 20, 2017 637
Listen to the real energy concerns: New England is at greater risk of higher energy costs and price volatility today than a year ago. Gustin, Carl Jan 20, 2017 602
Uganda opens east Africa's largest solar power plant. Jan 1, 2017 458
Generation Expansion Models including Technical Constraints and Demand Uncertainty. Deossa, P.; De Vos, K.; Deconinck, G.; Espinosa, J. Report Jan 1, 2017 6249
Identification of generalized linear load in three-phase three-wire network in the problem of the distribution of actual contributions at the point of common coupling. Sayenko, Yu.L.; Kalyuzhniy, D.N. Report Nov 1, 2016 2817
Textile industry seeks cheap energy. Brief article Oct 31, 2016 213
Electrifying the Bankruptcy Code: is electricity a "good" for purposes of 11 U.S.C. s. 503(b)(9)? Perrella, Jill H. Sep 22, 2016 7122
7. Electricity. Statistical table Jul 1, 2016 20915
Wind power feed-in impact on electricity prices in Germany 2009-2013. Benhmad, Francois; Percebois, Jacques Report Jul 1, 2016 4868
Section 7. Electricity. Statistical table Jun 1, 2016 20621
Africa's energy challenge. Statistical data May 1, 2016 367
Section 7. Electricity. Statistical table May 1, 2016 19877
Section 7. Electricity. Statistical table Apr 1, 2016 19061
Frankenstein without electricity: contextualizing Shelley's novel. Houe, Ulf Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 9925
Electricity Markets--Recent Issues in Market Structure and Energy Trading. Campbell, Richard J. Report Mar 1, 2016 18031
Shakara don finish! Obayiuwana, Osasu Short story Mar 1, 2016 1846
Reduce your carbon footprint and drop your property's operating costs in 2016. Schwartz, David Cover story Mar 1, 2016 1140
Section 7. Electricity. Statistical table Mar 1, 2016 22292
Consumers allowed to sell power to distributing firms. Brief article Jan 3, 2016 196
Have renewable portfolio standards raised electricity rates? Evidence from U.S. electric utilities. Tra, Constant I. Report Jan 1, 2016 4077
The region needs more energy infrastructure: to reduce costs and ensure a bright future, we need solutions that work for New Hampshire. Hatch, Tracy; Roche, Jim Dec 25, 2015 598
Eels' electricity peaks when they wrap. Milius, Susan Report Nov 28, 2015 397
7. Electricity. Statistical table Nov 1, 2015 21071
Catalytic conversion of waste plastic bags into electricity using nanotechnology. Irfan, Anosh; Najib, Ayesha; Riaz, Saima; Mahmood, Tariq; Tariq, Zain Nov 1, 2015 670
Looking for a jolt. Hammell, Darren Nov 1, 2015 656
7. Electricity. Statistical table Oct 1, 2015 20517
Consumers enabled to sell electricity units. Brief article Sep 13, 2015 187
Section 7. Electricity. Statistical table Sep 1, 2015 20256
Iran again offers 3,000MW electricity to Pakistan. Brief article Aug 30, 2015 189
African energy leaders group: an innovative and unique compact. Jacobs, Sherelle Aug 1, 2015 731
Selling Hydro One will help consumers (or not). Adams, Tom Aug 1, 2015 792
Alaska microgrid technologies: micro-industry or big business? Callen, Samuel; Mueller-Stoffels, Marc; Roe, George Aug 1, 2015 887
Karachi drapes in shadow due to power failure. Brief article Jul 19, 2015 117
Nandipur Power Project to be operational soon. Brief article Jul 12, 2015 122
Ratepayer Protection Act passed. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 216
Punjab government vows to end energy crisis. Brief article Jun 28, 2015 164
RGGI compromise falls flat in committee: House, Senate conferees fail to agree on funding changes. Sanders, Bob Jun 26, 2015 503
7th round electricity supply plan focuses on stable supply and clean energy. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 131
Experts suggest construction of windmill park on Kozuf. Jun 1, 2015 423
Can 'pay as you go' solar light up rural Africa? With millions in East Africa cut off from electricity grids and relying on kerosene, small-scale solar power could provide a cheaper, cleaner and more cheerful alternative. Fox, Benjamin Jun 1, 2015 882
FERC issues pipeline-friendly rules. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Jun 1, 2015 259
Boosting energy recovery: PWE takes a look at a new all-in-one kit that aims to rapidly increase the adoption of compressor energy recovery and simplifies integration with a building's central heating and hot water system. Jun 1, 2015 569
Pakistan's infrastructure and its implications. Siyal, Yaseen May 31, 2015 923
Renewable energy sources for electricity generation. Nangyal, Hasnain; Ziaudin, Nighat; Bhushan, Upvan May 24, 2015 1319
Section 7. Electricity. Statistical table May 1, 2015 19772
Macedonia refuses to resume power market liberalization. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 153
The hidden daytime price of electricity. Berger, Evan Apr 1, 2015 3139
Early-stage risk casts shadow over solar: investors' reluctance to invest in the early stages of infrastructure projects in Africa is holding back the development of renewable energy on the continent. Guest, Peter Mar 1, 2015 1324
Energy crisis cuts textile sector output. Brief article Feb 28, 2015 173
Punjab textile mills lay off workers. Brief article Feb 28, 2015 133
Pakistan to get 1000MW from Tajikistan. Brief article Feb 22, 2015 188
Energy saving can help control power shortfall. Brief article Feb 22, 2015 215
Consumers need help with complex energy market: HB 345 seeks to make sure the rules are fair, transparent and equal to all who participate. Rogers, Katherine; Baldasaro, Al; Cushing, Robert Feb 20, 2015 605
Need to reprioritise energy options. Feb 8, 2015 420
Have you noticed the lower electricity prices? Probably not, even though spot market prices are more than 75% lower than last year. Sanders, Bob Feb 6, 2015 1340
Gray matter mathematics. Thilmany, Jean Report Feb 1, 2015 1022
How to fund Africa's energy sector. Dalby, Alexa Brief article Feb 1, 2015 221
Tanzania's Meek Khalfan US Charger King. Goffe, Leslie Gordon Feb 1, 2015 1596
Hubco may build 3600MW coalbased power plants. Brief article Jan 25, 2015 211
Eastern Slope Inn looks at the big picture. Proulx, Melissa Jan 9, 2015 328
Appendix B: Metric conversion factors, metric prefixes, and other physical conversion factors. Statistical table Jan 1, 2015 983
The falling prices of energy products will continue. Jan 1, 2015 317
Shale energy revolution benefits manufacturers. Polzin, Paul E. Statistical table Dec 22, 2014 1523
Is the EPA's proposed clean power plan legal? Potts, Brian H.; Zoppo, David R. Dec 22, 2014 1333
Costs to ratepayers pile up, but who's listening? Brown, Marc Dec 12, 2014 667
Vouchers of light. Monadjem, Vahid Column Dec 1, 2014 1274
Section 7. Electricity. Statistical table Dec 1, 2014 20338
Terminate Ontario wind, solar contracts, says Fraser report. Dec 1, 2014 385
Conference foresees resolution of major energy shortfall in months. Nov 30, 2014 593
We've got to address the energy crisis now. Olson, John F. Nov 28, 2014 611
Textiles and energy crisis. Malik, Ramsha Nov 16, 2014 159
Rising electric costs could crush N.H. economy: given our alarmingly expensive energy, we now face a bleak scenario. Roche, Jim Nov 14, 2014 519
The manufacturers' organisation. Scuoler, Terry Nov 1, 2014 409
Going nuclear or renewable? Brief article Nov 1, 2014 221
Power purchase agreement. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 170
News and Views. Oct 31, 2014 2954
SMEPA knows power is crucial. Monti, Lisa Oct 24, 2014 742
Energy summit takeaway: expect natural gas spikes again this winter. Sanders, Bob Conference notes Oct 3, 2014 783
News and Views. Statistical data Sep 30, 2014 2050
Textile Briefs National. Sep 30, 2014 410
HOW DOES A SOLAR TOWER PRODUCE ENERGY. Lodhi, Muhammad Arif Sep 21, 2014 660
Renewable energy only solution to crisis. Brief article Sep 21, 2014 220
Without change the electric grid will break. Brown, Marc Sep 19, 2014 711
Cost of power is obstacle. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 125
Electricity greatest challenge. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 129
Large deficit for power distributors. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 125
Renewable sustainable solutions to energy crisis. Wazir, Faizan; Badshah, Hussain Aug 24, 2014 1728
A new electricity tariff in Brunei Darussalam: welfare implications for households. Chian, Koh Wee Aug 1, 2014 5091
Bogdanci windmill park puts out 31 million KWH of electricity in three months. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 210
Show me the money. Olmsted, Cara Jul 16, 2014 761
Bushehr reconnected. Brief article Jul 4, 2014 211
How to boost Africa's access to electricity. Dalby, Alexa Brief article Jul 1, 2014 201
The end users are better off: having largely privatised the generation and distribution arms of the electricity value chain, the Nigerian government is now asking its citizens to buy into and own the process. Asante, Ben Jul 1, 2014 1272
New electricity price to be announced in July. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 178
IDB loan for electricity grid. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 199
Weaving sector: Facing problems of shortage of electricity and gas. Memon, Noor Ahmed Statistical data Jun 30, 2014 1320
N.H.'s renewable energy mandates are risky. Mathur, V.K. Jun 27, 2014 614
Germans assure support for energy sector. Brief article Jun 15, 2014 196
Power market liberalization to cut prices by up to 40 percent. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 238
U.S. energy: overview and key statistics. Ratner, Michael; Glover, Carol Report Jun 1, 2014 10301
Is energy volatility a sign of things to come? McCord, Michael May 2, 2014 1603
Energy stat. Brief article May 1, 2014 153
Electricity interconnection. Brief article May 1, 2014 108
Energy tender. Brief article May 1, 2014 157
Electricity bills hurt. Brief article May 1, 2014 124
Is there a power crisis in New Hampshire? Natural gas, electric price spikes from PSNH competitors fuel renewed debate on energy in region. Sanders, Bob Apr 4, 2014 1790
Don't forget the vitality of mountains. Mukherji, Aditi Mar 30, 2014 916
UET centre launches power theft solution. Brief article Mar 23, 2014 192
Moot for more initiatives to end energy crisis. Brief article Mar 9, 2014 203
Optimal design for hourly electricity price in the Italian market. Bigerna, Simona; Bollino, Carlo Andrea Mar 1, 2014 743
59%. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 147
High electricity costs. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 178
Electricity shortfall. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 134
Stalled energy projects cost New Hampshire: efforts to build up our manufacturing sector will be made more difficult unless high costs are addressed. Atkinson, David Feb 21, 2014 643
Fix the state's energy siting process. Forrester, Jeanie; Fuller-Clark, Martha; Bradley, Jeb; Woodburn, Jeff Feb 21, 2014 613
Progress made to purchase Indian electricity. Brief article Feb 2, 2014 148
Jordan seeking energy investment. Feb 1, 2014 378
Power sector improvments. Feb 1, 2014 388
Filling the energy deficit: the DRC's great paradox is that while it has the greatest energy potential in Africa, it is also one of the most energy-deficient countries in the world. This is a major worry for Katanga as the mining sector on which it depends is a heavy consumer of power. While hopes rest on Inga III, the quest is to find more resources to meet current demands. Feb 1, 2014 1244
Giant Inga III project on course: the Congolese government is enjoying a new, more favourable climate of economic growth. The war in the east has ended and the country is returning to the family of nations. It can now launch ambitious development projects. The Inca III Dam is not only the DRC's largest project in the decade to come, but also the largest hydroelectric project in the world. Feb 1, 2014 523
Building a new Katanga: since the current provincial government of Katanga took office in 2007, it has made substantial investments in infrastructure. It is working to establish a stable environment that will meet the needs both of business and its citizens. Feb 1, 2014 1061
Experts stress cheap coal based power production. Brief article Jan 19, 2014 233
Pakistan plans 7 nuclear plants for 8900MW electricity by 2030. Jan 12, 2014 622
Thar coal deposits can bring breakthrough in power sector. Brief article Jan 5, 2014 177
A low leakage autonomous data retention flip-flop with power gating technique. Fan, Xiaohui; Wu, Yangbo; Dong, Hengfeng; Hu, Jianping Technical report Jan 1, 2014 3955
Distributionally robust self-scheduling optimization with C[O.sub.2] emissions constraints under uncertainty of prices. Bai, Minru; Yang, Zhupei Report Jan 1, 2014 4163
The combination forecasting of electricity price based on price spikes processing: a case study in South Australia. Wang, Jianzhou; Xiao, Ling; Shi, Jun Case study Jan 1, 2014 8273
A hybrid forecasting model based on bivariate division and a backpropagation artificial neural network optimized by chaos particle swarm optimization for day-ahead electricity price. Wang, Zhilong; Liu, Feng; Wu, Jie; Wang, Jianzhou Report Jan 1, 2014 20081
Ailing manufacturing in intensive care: zimbabwe's manufacturing sector, once the second-biggest contributer to the economy, is in deep trouble and firms are shutting down at an alarming rate. most of the problems that the industry is facing have been self-inflicted by government dictums against which the sector seems powerless to act. is there hope yet? Thondhlana, Barnabas Jan 1, 2014 1449
Demand greater than supply. Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 320
On the rise: Ghana's infrastructure requirements are reflective of it status as a growing economy. As the country becomes increasingly urbanised, it needs to adjust provisions, while making sure not to leave its rural poor behind. Infrastructure needs in the country are greatest in electricity, water and sanitation, telecommunications and roads and transport. Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 1695
2014-2018 draft energy balance presented. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 311
National electricity production satisfies 57.1 percent of needs: in the gross national electricity consumption, net import participated with 42.9 percent, while gross domestic production with 57.1 percent. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 171
Outlook for energy and water costs in 2014. Jan 1, 2014 383
Years of prepping paid off: employment downsizing barely fazed them. Belanger, JD Editorial Jan 1, 2014 1432
Sparks continue to fly: electricity is not a good and is ineligible for section 503(b)(9) priority status and other shocking developments. Nathan, Bruce; Etkin, Michael; Banker, David Jan 1, 2014 3460
Geothermal project. Brief article Dec 22, 2013 140
Indiana's energy future. Brief article Dec 22, 2013 285
Energy Subsidies Don't Work, But Don't Try Telling The Poor. Kwa, Tion Dec 4, 2013 1152
Ontario's high energy rates could jeopardize mining: energy makes up to 30 per cent of the costs for mining operations. Migneault, Jonathan Dec 1, 2013 502
High energy costs. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 114
Long: Northern Pass won't pay to bury lines. Brooks, David Nov 15, 2013 698
Speakers express concern over inequality of energy crisis. Brief article Nov 9, 2013 225
Kenya seeks bids for power. Dalby, Alex Brief article Nov 1, 2013 188
Price of electrical energy continuously rising. Nov 1, 2013 414
Website spells out alternative electric choices: gives N.H. consumers a chance to make comparisons. Brooks, David Nov 1, 2013 549
Bow coal plant plays important economic role. Sink, Tim Nov 1, 2013 547
Powering up N.H. businesses. Nicoloro, Michael; Fontaine, Joan Nov 1, 2013 791
Second phase of electricity liberalization as of 2014. Oct 1, 2013 341
7. Electricity. Statistical table Oct 1, 2013 19537
Power tariff hike to render textile sector uncompetitive. Sep 30, 2013 305
Textile, clothing exports rise. Brief article Sep 30, 2013 274
APTMA to adopt triple bottom line concept for country. Brief article Sep 30, 2013 274
Textile sector rejects gas tariff hike. Brief article Sep 30, 2013 274
Powering the nation: smart grid careers. Hamilton, James Sep 22, 2013 4389
Combating the myth of N.H.'s 'high' energy prices: the state has the nation's sixth-highest energy rates--but only for some businesses. Fromuth, Gus Sep 20, 2013 605
N.H. and the region need Northern Pass: there are compelling reasons why the project should be approved. Heath, David Sep 20, 2013 578
Busbar Trunking System: Ideal solution to reliable and economical engineering investment for power distribution in textile and other industrial sectors. Aug 31, 2013 618
Projects bring water lines, electricity and more to remote Honduran villages. Lefevere, Patricia Aug 30, 2013 993
Energy-efficiency bill is good for New Hampshire. Roche, Jim Aug 23, 2013 487
Energy crisis: Telecom sector seeks govt support. Brief article Aug 20, 2013 224
Plug loads draw more power and attention. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 228
Federal budget is not exporter-friendly: PLGMEA. Brief article Jul 31, 2013 193
Powering Africa a Challenge, but Could Charge Wellbeing; Fifty-percent of households get light from power lines. Tortora, Bob Survey Jul 29, 2013 801
Iran wants Iraq to pay 25 times more for power. Brief article Jul 12, 2013 227
ENERGY : MEPS PROMOTE MICRO-GENERATION. Brief article Jul 10, 2013 226
Electricity consumption drops. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 134
APTMA rejects power, gas load management plan. Brief article Jun 30, 2013 146
Textile hub warns of economic meltdown. Brief article Jun 30, 2013 188
Iran offers speedy solution to Pakistan power crisis. Brief article Jun 16, 2013 190
Energy crisis and the new govt! Jun 16, 2013 467
Strong political will can drag Pakistan out of power crisis. Saif, Sidra Jun 9, 2013 608
Farm sector to have biogas-run tube wells. Brief article Jun 9, 2013 223
Energy crisis and the role of renewable energy. Jun 2, 2013 1034
18000 tons oil, 150mmcft gas needed to end shortfall. Brief article Jun 2, 2013 148
Renewables should be in place by 2050. Jun 1, 2013 352
South Africa turning greener: South Africa is one country that has already taken the bull by the horns and plotted its electricity generation for the next 20 years, through an Integrated Resources Programme in which renewable energy takes pride of place. However, in the meanwhile, King Coal rules. Nevin, Tom Jun 1, 2013 870
Textile Briefs National. May 31, 2013 452
Increase in power tariff rejected by industry and trade. Brief article May 31, 2013 223
Reprioritising the energy sector. May 26, 2013 453
Latest PSNH customer migration report is a mixed bag. Sanders, Bob May 3, 2013 770
Electricity suppliers flock to New Hampshire: despite alternative supplier's recent troubles, firms are racing to provide electricity in N.H. Sanders, Bob Apr 5, 2013 1777
Ethiopia shines a light on regional power. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 208
By the numbers: wind shakes the energy field. Winters, Jeffrey Apr 1, 2013 403
New England needs greater natural gas access. Brown, Marc Mar 22, 2013 613
What's powering Arkansas? From coal to nuclear to wind, do you know what's behind your lightswitch? Smith, Samuel G. Mar 18, 2013 1851
A room-by-room guide to saving energy & money: if every penny counts, so should every kilowatt. Smith, Samuel G. Mar 18, 2013 1002
Beware of electricity hazards. Mar 10, 2013 1010
Methods for controlling electricity, light. Mar 3, 2013 553

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