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Electoral commission Office sensitise public.

Gumare Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) office continues to sensitise Ngami voters about the whole process of the general elections and some of the reforms as a build up to the coming 2019 elections.

The office recently conducted a workshop for some of the women from the constituency, where elections officer, Mr Budzani Marotho encouraged the women to also contest for MP and councillor positions.

'We should at least have a woman representative campaigning for elections this time around. In the 2014 elections we saw only men contesting,' he said.

However, the women attributed reluctance in contesting for elections to, among others, limited resources during campaigns and lack of support by fellow women.

Another issue that is always popping at these meetings, is that of Omang cards as they are a pre-requisite to voting.

Civil and national registration officer in Gumare, Ms Gasebonno Batsile encouraged young people to ensure that Omang cards of the elders were up to date before the 2019 general elections.

Omang cards are renewed 11 months before the expiry date, hence Ms Batsile stressed the importance of always checking the expiry date.

Currently in her area, which is from Habu to Ikoga in the Ngami constituency, she said there were 5 679 Omang cards due to expire in 2018, while 5 235 would be expiring in 2019.

She therefore encouraged people to renew their cards while there was still time so that they could be legible to vote in the 2019 general elections.

Still on the issue of Omang, Ms Batsile said there were some challenges they encountered as the registration office when it comes to renewing the cards, such as finger prints not matching the previous ones.

She said the change in finger prints might be a result of some household chores, and therefore encouraged people to do some laundry prior to renewal as the washing could help restore the prints.

Another challenge, she said, was that of a situation where children registered for their first ID card with the name of a relative, and when it is time to renew, they bring biological parents.

In this case, Ms Batsile said they should go to the police for affidavit, which she said might cause delays in renewal.

There is also an issue of some of the Bambukushu of Etsha who could not renew their Omang cards because of the citizenship matter, which Ms Bastile said currently they had about 1 000 people affected by this issue.

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Publication:Botswana Daily News (Gaborone, Botswana)
Date:Feb 20, 2018
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