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Elections are (not) coming.

In newspaper Nova Makedonija, Professor Biljana Vankovska says that the challenge of SDSM's leader for early elections did not show any effects. Vankovska is disappointed that the coalition VMRO-DPMNE-BDI is unable to realize how it should function after four years and continues making monuments of its stupidity that will perpetually remind of their intention to become immortal. The most painful is that we, the citizens, are financing this and even when something good is done the tenders are bamboozled for the benefit of the governing party. On the other hand, SDSM's tactics are not any different than the ones used in the past and even after twenty years, we see people that did not learn to accept that they are not most important and that their time can only come at elections.
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Publication:Opinion Piece in Macedonian Press
Date:Dec 13, 2010
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