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Inside every election is a great election waiting to be run

Every election is an important election. But how can an organization that is already devoted to its day-to-day business find the time to run a great election?

Conducting professional elections that bring higher turnout is what we do. We're and we bring lower cost, better security, and total objectivity to every election we run. is the leading global election company and our world-class team has background in management, politics, and technology. With more than a quarter century of election-services experience, we have provided management for hundreds of private elections.

The first step to a great election

Our complete election management solution includes the following:

* Election planning--determine voting rules; collect and manage current lists; conduct database integrity checks; and provide a complete, scrubbed list of members.

* Migration assistance--enable the move from traditional paper-ballot voting to online voting.

* Ballot design and production--design and printing and/or Internet production of ballot packages, including candidate biographies.

* Election notification--notify members via postcards, e-mail, and other methods. Provide absentee voting and Internet voting procedures.

* Tracking and tabulation--tabulate and report results immediately following the election. Provide customized data on any demographic.

* Archive services--electronic storage of voter databases and tabulation.

We can help you transform inactive members into motivated participants, with a keen vested interest in the future. With our member surveys and regular polling, you can enhance communication with your membership and galvanize them toward common goals. Best of all, this enables you to market right back to them. can provide you with a complete range of membership surveys, including member satisfaction, opinion and policy polls, trends research, bylaw amendments, and obtain a level of interest from your members when it comes to new services. Best of all, our custom demographic reporting and turnkey services let you focus on results, rather than design and implementation.

A great election is a secure election

Confidentiality and security are critical in every election. Our advanced technology provides a wide range of options ensuring the proper balance between security, complexity, and cost of each election.

All security solutions comply with rigorous industry standards and are compatible with the widest range of platforms available. There is no additional software for a voter to download or install, eliminating the threat of virus or any elements that could compromise an election. guarantees security during all phases of the online voting process, including member authentication, and session verification.

All servers are protected against attack by state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion-detection software.

Our election management software and services also adds third-party credibility to the process, especially if the election results are contested.

A great election is a convenient election

As any executive knows, the most important resource an organization has is its membership. Strong communication with your membership is key to the survival and growth of any organization. manages elections of all types, through any combination of electronic or traditional services. Members can vote from their home, their office, or any Web-enabled device.

A great election draws great reviews

Recently, we conducted history's first legally binding vote cast over the Internet in a U.S. political election. People from all walks of life cast their votes online in Arizona's statewide democratic presidential primary.

When the voting stopped, nearly 40,000 people had voted online, which helped drive a 600 percent increase in turnout over the last primary.

But it was not the first election we've run. Here's what others have said about

* " provides the choice of voting via the Internet as well as by mail. This choice increases the access to voting." --Debra Innocent, vice president of marketing, United Nations Federal Credit Union.

* "It was my distinct pleasure to have been associated with the entire staff of Thank you for making a difference in our presidential primary...we truly made history." --Mark Fleisher, chairman, Arizona Democratic Party

Are You Ready for a Great Election?

To learn more, call 888-203-VOTE or visit us at
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