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Election winner.

Election 2000 went far smoother in San Mateo County, CA, than in other places around the U.S. By visiting the county's virtual election center--Shape the Future at (www.shapethe received immediate, practical, timely and useful information on registration, poll locations and absentee ballots before they arrived at the voting booth. The site features the ITXC Push to Talk service, which initiates a voice call through a voter's phone or computer to an election official. Calls are sent over the global network for voice on the Internet with carrier-grade quality. BestValue Routing technology routes calls around Internet congestion. The county currently uses Push to Talk for voters who have post-election questions. "San Mateo's Shape the Future website is now an even more comprehensive resource for the citizens of the county," says Warren Slocum, county chief elections officer. "Voters have one more avenue to get information before participating in the democratic process." Circle 264 for more information from ITXC
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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