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Election update.

A recount in a Montana House race moved the election from a tie to a victory for Republican Krayton Kerns by three votes--1,971 to 1,968. Kern's win means that Republicans will have 50 seats in the Montana House compared to 49 for the Democrats. Constitution Party member Rick Jore won a seat as well, so the party composition winds up 50 R, 49 D and one Constitution. Jore (a former Republican) is expected to support the GOP leadership candidates. Prior to the November 7 election, the Montana House was tied 50 R, 50 D, so this development gives the House to the GOP--their only legislative chamber victory of 2006. And in Pennsylvania, Democrats won a 102-101 majority in the House after they counted all of the absentee and provisional ballots in a super close race. The party control of all state legislatures is now 24 Democratic, 15 Republican and 10 split.
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Title Annotation:TRENDS AND TRANSITIONS; Krayton Kerns elected to Montana. Legislature
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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