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Election season offers voters a chance to decide.

There is much more than simply the Presidency up for election this year. There are congressional seats, State Senate and Assembly seats, and judicial seats that are also to be decided by voters.

In many areas, local politics tend to be dominated by one political party or another, usually either Republican or Democrat. In these areas, the primary elections are often the real battlegrounds because the winner from the dominating party enjoys a significant advantage when going into the general election. Simply put, the numbers are on their side.

Running an effective campaign can be expensive, particularly when purchasing large amounts of advertising on TV so that people know the candidate's name going into the voting booth. Sometimes their name and party is all they know.

Quite often, the brief advertisements presented by candidates focus more on creating feelings of fear regarding their opponents than on articulating the specifics of what they plan to do for the people they hope to represent. Often when individuals are asked how they feel regarding negative political ads, many people claim that negative ads reflect badly on the person doing the attacking. However, the reality is that the negative ads often do work. They create doubts regarding the target of the negative ads that may or may not be well founded. 'Truth' is a matter of perception, and since most of the ads' audience will likely not use up their own time investigating where each candidate stands on issues that are important to them, those negative messages may be all they know about a candidate. That, and perhaps the color of their sign on the side of the road.

For that reason, the FBA would like to encourage you to make the effort to learn more about the candidates running for office. [see centerfold to compare those running for the 21st congressional district starting on page 8.] The following lists candidates running in the Capital District Area.

Congressional Races

--20th District--

* Kirsten Gillibrand (Dem, Ind, WF)

* Michael Rocque (Rep, Con)

* Sandy Treadwell (Rep, Ind, Con)

* John W. Wallace (Rep)

--21st District--

* Tracey Brooks (Dem)

* James R. Buhrmaster (Rep, Con)

* Darius Shahinfar (Dem)

* Phillip G. Steck (Dem, Ind)

* Joseph P. Sullivan (Dem)

* Paul D. Tonko (Dem, WF)

* Steven Vasquez (Rep)

State Senate Races

--41st District--

* Kenneth J. Dow (Dem, WF)

* Stephen M. Saland (Rep, Ind, Con)

--43rd District--

* Christopher N. Consuello (WF)

* Roy J. McDonald (Rep, Ind, Con)

* Brian D. Premo (Dem, WF)

* Michael A. Russo (Dem)

* Raymond J. Seney (Rep)

* Joanne D. Yepsen (Dem)

--44th District--

* Hugh T. Farley (Rep, Ind, Con)

* Fred L. Goodman (Dem)

* BK Keramati (Dem, WF)

--46th District--

* Neil D. Breslin (Dem, WF)

* Charlie Voelker (Dem, Con)

* David N. Weiss (Dem)

--51st District--

* Don Barber (Dem, WF)

* James L. Seward (Rep, Ind, Con)

State Assembly Races

--104th District--

* John J. McEneny (Dem, WF)

* Terrence B. O'Neill (Rep)

--105th District--

* George A. Amedore, Jr. (Rep, Con)

* Mark W. Blanchfield (Dem, Ind, WF)

* Joseph M. Salamone (WF)

--108th District--

* Timothy P. Gordon (Dem, Ind, WF)

* Steven F. McLaughlin (Rep, Con)

--109th District--

* Robert P. Reilly (Dem, Ind, WF)

* John P. Wasielewski (Rep, Con)

--112th District--

* Tony Jordan (Rep, Con)

* Christopher Laing (Rep)

* Ian McGaughey (Dem, Ind, WF)

--117th District--

* Marc W. Butler (Rep, Ind, Con)

* Daniel R. Carter (Dem)


Dem = Democrat

Rep = Republican

Ind = Independence

Con = Conservative

WF = Working Families

This abbreviated list only includes districts in the Capital District. Uncontested districts were not listed here. For more information , contact the New York State Board of Elections:
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Author:Benlin, Frank
Publication:The Informed Constituent (Albany, NY)
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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