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Election results.

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Parliamentary May 11, 2005

Registered Voters: 13,118
Votes Cast: 10,527 80.25% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: 10,330 98.13% of Votes Cast
Invalid Votes: 197 1.87% of Votes Cast

Party Valid Votes % Votes #Seats

People's Progressive Movement (PPM) 13,199 * NA 9
United Democratic Party (UDP) 6,062 * NA 5
Independent Candidate 380 * NA 1

* In some electoral districts, constituents
could vote for multiple candidates.


Registered Voters: 65,936
Votes Cast: 38,935 59.05% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: 37,913 97.38% of Votes Cast
Invalid Votes: 1,022 2.62% of Votes Cast

Party Valid Votes % Votes #Seats

Dominica Labor Party (DLP) 19,741 52.07% 12
United Workers Party (UWP) 16,529 43.60% 8
Independent Candidate 426 1.12% 1
Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) 1,194 3.15% 0
Others 23 0.06% 0

Presidential July 10, 2005

Registered Voters: 2,670,530
Votes Cast: 2,002,004 74.97% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: 1,984,522 99.13% of Votes Cast
Invalid Votes: 17,482 0.87% of Votes Cast

Candidate Party

Kurmanbek BAKIEV People's Movement of Kyrgyzstan

Tursunbay BAKIR UULU Erkin Kyrgyzstan (ErK) Party

Akbaraly AITIKEYEV Party for the Protection of Interests of
 Workers of Industry, Agriculture and Low-
 Income Families of the Kyrgyz Republic
 (Protection Party)

Jypar JEKSHEYEV Democratic Movement of Kyrgyzstan

Toktayym UMETALIYEVA Independent Candidate

Keneshbek DUYSHEBAYEV Akyykat (Justice) Party

Against all candidates NA

Candidate Valid Votes % Votes

Kurmanbek BAKIEV 1,776,156 89.50%

Tursunbay BAKIR UULU 78,701 3.97%

Akbaraly AITIKEYEV 72,604 3.66%

Jypar JEKSHEYEV 18,166 0.92%

Toktayym UMETALIYEVA 10,445 0.53%

Keneshbek DUYSHEBAYEV 10,253 0.52%

Against all candidates 18,197 0.92%

Parliamentary June 25, 2005

Registered Voters: 6,720,941
Votes Cast: 3,747,793 55.76% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: 3,648,177 94.34% of Votes Cast
Invalid Votes: 99,616 2.66% of Votes Cast

Party Valid Votes % Votes #Seats

Coalition for Bulgaria (KzB) * 1,129,196 30.95% 82
National Movement Simeon II (NDSV) 725,314 19.88% 53
Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) 467,400 12.81% 34
Attack Coalition 296,848 8.14% 21
United Democratic Forces (ODS) ** 280,323 7.68% 20
Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria 234,788 6.44% 17
Bulgaria People's Union *** 189,268 5.19% 13
Others 325,040 8.91% 0

* The Coalition for Bulgaria is composed of several parties
dominated by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

** The United Democratic Forces consists of the Union of
Democratic Forces (SDS), the Democratic Party (DP), the
Gergyovden Movement, the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union
--United (BZNS-united), and the Roma Movement for an Equal
Public Model (MEPM).

*** Bulgaria People's Union Coalition is composed of the
Union of Free Democrats (SSD), the Bulgarian Agrarian
National Union--People's Union (BZNS), and the Internal
Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (VMRO).

Presidential--First Round June 17, 2005

Registered Voters: 46,786,418
Votes Cast: 29,317,039 62.66% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: 28,095,102 95.83% of Votes Cast
Invalid Votes: 1,221,937 4.17% of Votes Cast

Candidate Party

Akbar Hashemi-RAFSANJANI * Independent Candidate (conservative)
Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD * Independent Candidate (conservative)
Mehdi KARRUBI Independent Candidate (reformist)
Mohammad Baqer QALIBAF Independent Candidate (conservative)
Mostafa MOIN Independent Candidate (reformist)
Ali LARIJANI Independent Candidate (conservative)
Mohsen MEHRALIZADEH Independent Candidate (reformist)

Candidate Valid Votes % Votes

Akbar Hashemi-RAFSANJANI * 6,179,653 22.00%
Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD * 5,710,354 20.33%
Mehdi KARRUBI 5,056,686 18.00%
Mohammad Baqer QALIBAF 4,075,189 14.50%
Mostafa MOIN 4,069,699 14.49%
Ali LARIJANI 1,716,081 6.11%
Mohsen MEHRALIZADEH 1,287,440 4.58%

Presidential--Second Round June 24, 2005

Registered Voters: 46,786,418
Votes Cast: 27,959,253 59.76% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: 27,295,483 96.63% of Votes Cast
Invalid Votes: 663,770 2.37% of Votes Cast

Candidate Party

Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD Independent Candidate (conservative)
Akbar Hashemi-RAFSANJANI Independent Candidate (conservative)

Candidate Valid Votes % Votes

Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD 17,248,782 63.19%
Akbar Hashemi-RAFSANJANI 10,046,701 36.81%

Referendum May 25, 2005
Registered Voters: 32,036,353

Votes Cast: 17,184,302 53.64% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: 16,405,446 95.47% of Votes Cast
Invalid Votes: 778,856 4.53% of Votes Cast

Referendum Topic: This referendum was to approve the
amendment to Article 76 of the Constitution allowing
multi-candidate presidential elections.

"Yes" Votes: 13,593,552 82.86% of Votes Cast
"No" Votes: 2,811,894 17.14% of Votes Cast

Presidential April 24, 2005

Registered Voters: 3,599,306
Votes Cast: 2,288,279 63.57% of Registered Voters
Valid Votes: NA
Invalid Votes: NA

Candidate Party

Faure GNASSINGBE Rally of the Togolese People (RTP)

 Union of Forces for Change (UFC),
 Alliance for Democracy and Integral
 Development (ADDI), Action Committee
Emmanuel BOB AKITANI for Revival (BUS), Democratic Convention
 of the African People (CDPS), Socialist
 Revival Party (PSR) and the Union for
 Democracy Solidarity (UDS)

Nicolas LAWSON Party for Renewal and Redemption

Harry OLYMPIO Rally for the Support for Development and
 Democracy (RSDD)

Candidate Valid Votes % Votes

Faure GNASSINGBE NA 60.15%

Emmanuel BOB AKITANI NA 38.25%

Nicolas LAWSON NA 1.04%

Harry OLYMPIO NA 0.55%
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