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Election of the first Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

The Assembly then proceeded to the election of a moderator, and Rev. Mr. McGregor called for nominations.

Rev. Dr. Taylor, Montreal, said in carrying out the order of this meeting the honour had been assigned him of nominating a Moderator of this great Assembly, and he begged to suggest the name of the Rev. John Cook, D.D., Principal of Morin College, Quebec, (great applause) for this honourable and important position. He felt it was only necessary to mention his name to secure his unanimous election. He might refer both to public and personal considerations in support of this nomination, to the fact that Dr. Cook had laboured in the service of the Church for 40 years in this Province of Quebec, and during the whole of that time had occupied a distinguished place amongst the preachers of the Gospel (cheers), not only in his own denomination but in all the others. He might also refer to the service which Dr. Cook had rendered in connection with the negotiations for union. He had laboured zealously, earnestly and perseveringly in this good work, and if we had not enjoyed his assistance -- the weight and influence of his name, -- he questioned very much whether this union would have been so soon and so happily consummated as it had. (Cheers). He did not refer merely to the services which he had rendered in the cause of union in this country, but would include also the very eminent services which he had rendered in the fatherland on the floor of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. (Applause). He had known him personally for a number of years and considered that he had always done credit to the position which, in the providence of God, he occupied in the Church.

Rev. Dr. Bayne, Pictou, N.S., seconded the nomination, remarking that he had every reason to believe it would commend itself to every member of this assembly.

The motion was put by Rev. Mr. McGregor and carried unanimously.

Rev. Dr. Cook, attired in his ministerial gown, took his seat in the Moderator's chair being greeted with loud cheers.

-- from The Presbyterian, July 1875
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Date:Jun 1, 1999
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