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Election is a race we don't need.

Byline: Lord Henry

THE Bull O'Donoghue liked going to the races at the taxpayer's expense. Bertie sought to explain the source of some of his funds by his winnings at the races.

The Fianna Fail fundraising tent at Galway Races became symbolic of the excesses of the boom.

As far as the general public are concerned the bulk of the political class aren't at the races. They are dangerously out of step with the public mood and this is not confined to the Government parties.

Let me start with a very serious issue. If the fur flies today at the special meeting of the Greens, and if this Government collapses, among other things by the activities of a fifth column of animal rights activists, we will have a general election in the midst of the most serious economic meltdown since the foundation of this State.

The likelihood is that in the event of this scenario the result would be that we would end up with Enda Kenny as Taoiseach. Does this inspire confidence ? No, it does not.

I simply find it hard to believe that Enda could be so out of touch with the public rage at The Bull O'Donoghue's extravagance he could not see or have the courage to call for his resignation. This lack of political judgment has become a serial pattern of behaviour with the Fine Gael leader. Many in Fine Gael argue Enda is a great team player. In fact, they blather on incessantly about the team until they are blue in the face.

This is, of course, designed to cover the fact that they are embarrassed by the captain. The other nonsense they trot out is, "Look how John Bruton grew into the job".

Well, let me nail this one down. Enda Kenny is no John Bruton. Kenny Lite isn't at the races. If there is a general election his leadership will be an issue.

The Blueshirts are hardly going to dump him now. They have made their bed and they will have to lie in it and while I am at it, their past inaction on this issue has given me cause to reflect on the status of the party in general.

But back to The Bull. It is now time to clean up the abuses in the system. Expenses must be vouched for, plain and simple.

Cleaning up the system is not rocket science. The problem is the political will to do it.

Personally, I hope in the short term this Government survives. Facing into such a deepening crisis an election is the last thing the nation needs.

It is a vain hope but I wish I could wave a magic political wand and we could have a National Government that the public could get behind. Just dreaming.


OUSTED John O'Donoghue HAPLESS Enda Kenny
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 10, 2009
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