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Election confirmed.

The choice of Canon Gordon Light as bishop suffragan to the metropolitan of British Columbia and the Yukon, with responsibility for the central interior of B.C., was confirmed Jan. 24 by the province's electoral college. Bishop-elect Light's consecration will take place in Kamloops, B.C. on May 16.

Representatives from the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior (APCI), formerly the diocese of Cariboo, nominated Bishop-elect Light to the position of bishop suffragan (or assistant bishop) in an election held Jan. 10. Since APCI is not a diocese, but is administered from the office of the metropolitan (senior bishop of the province), currently Archbishop David Crawley, Bishop-elect Light's nomination had to be confirmed by the electoral college of the ecclesiastical (church) province.

The diocese of Cariboo closed its Kamloops office at the end of 2001, financially crippled by lawsuits stemming from the Anglican church's management of Indian residential schools.

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Title Annotation:Canada Briefs
Publication:Anglican Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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