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Election 2002 Summary.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Following is a summary of recommendations The Register-Guard has made to voters for the May 21 primary election. The election is being conducted by mail; the summary is being presented now for the benefit of voters who wish to mark their ballots soon after receiving them. The editors are fallible human beings who stand an average chance of being wrong. However, these recommendations are made after sincere appraisals of the choices on the ballot. Where there are no contests, no recommendations are listed. The complete text of endorsement editorials published over the past several weeks is archived on The Register-Guard's website,



Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 1: David Schuman

Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries: Dan Gardner

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Susan Castillo

Lane County Commissioner, West Lane District: Anna Morrison

Lane County Commissioner, East Lane District: Tom Lininger

Lane County Commissioner, Springfield District: Tom Atkinson

Eugene City Council, Ward 3: Maco Stewart

Eugene City Council, Ward 4: George Poling

Eugene City Council, Ward 5: Gary Pape

Eugene City Council, Ward 6: Jennifer Solomon

Eugene Water & Electric Board, at-large position: Peter Bartel


U.S. Senator: Bill Bradbury

Governor: Jim Hill

State Representative, 11th District: Al King

State Representative, 12th District: Elizabeth Terry Beyer


Governor: Ron Saxton

State Representative, 7th District: Jeff Kruse

State Representative, 14th District: Pat Farr


State of Oregon:

Measure 10, allows universities to receive stock in exchange for innovations created at public institutions: YES

Measure 11, authorizes general obligation bonds to finance improvements at Oregon Health Sciences University: YES

Measure 13, converts Education Endowment Fund to a rainy day fund for schools, transfers $220 million to school budget: NO

City of Eugene:

Measure 20-57: Authorizes $8.7 million in bonds for a new downtown fire station and training structure: YES

Measure 20-58: Authorizes the collection of $19.6 million over four years to pay for library operations: YES

Eugene School District:

Measure 20-56: Authorizes $116 million in bonds for school replacements, improvements and repairs: YES
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Date:May 12, 2002
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