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Elderhostel: travel-study programs for seniors.

The people in our photographs are spending a week in Washington state, studying and enjoying Olympic National Park. Their project is one of many travel-study programs offered to seniors year-round in every state and in many foreign countries.

Such groups have made the programs' nonprofit sponsor, Elderhostel, a buzz word for reasonably priced, rewarding travel. To quote a veteran of half a dozen sessions, "Where else can you get five or six days of holiday and adventure, everything included, for $235?"

Elderhostel uses college classrooms and dormitories, conference centers, and even resorts as gathering places for lively minded seniors to pursue studies that earlier careers may have deferred. Stimulating instructors in about 1,500 institutions lead courses, with daily field trips, on a variety of subjects-from Shakespeare to genetic engineering.

Each session begins on a Sunday and runs through the following Friday. The cost for domestic programs ranges from $220 to $270. Besides tuition, this includes meals (adequate, though nongourmet) and sleeping accommodations (often in very

simply furnished dormitories, with shared baths), as well as field trips.

You can travel to the course location on your own, though the registering institution will send you material on how best to get there.

Classes are usually limited to 40 students, and fill quickly. Dedicated Elderhostelers, who sometimes attend three or four sessions a year, advise reserving as soon as a catalog arrives (to send for one, see below). Include your first-choice course and, to be safe, second and third choices. You might want to start with a class given close to home.

Your class will probably include people of different backgrounds and from different areas. What they'll have in common is curiosity and a positive outlook.

There are no prerequisites and no exams. But you must be 60 or older (a companion 50 or older may accompany you) and in good health.

Elderhostel plans to publish eight catalogs next year, up from three now. For a copy of the current one (fall-winter 1989), write to Elderhostel, 80 Boylston St., Suite 400, Boston, Mass. 02116.
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Date:Sep 1, 1989
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