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Age and growth of the highly exploited narrownose smooth-hound (Mustelus schmitti) (Pisces: Elasmobranchii). Molina, Juan M.; Blasina, Gabriela E.; Cazorla, Andrea C. Lopez Report Jul 1, 2017 11626
Elasmobranch bycatch associated with the shrimp trawl fishery off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Central America. Clarke, Tayler M.; Espinoza, Mario; Ahrens, Robert; Wehrtmann, Ingo S. Report Jan 1, 2016 11293
Analysis of permanent magnets as elasmobranch bycatch reduction devices in hook-and-line and longline trials. O'Connell, Craig P.; Abel, Daniel C.; Stroud, Eric M.; Rice, Patrick H. Report Oct 1, 2011 5631
A new elasmobranch Karksiodus mirus gen. et sp. nov. from the Burtnieki Regional Stage, Middle Devonian of Estonia/Uus kohrkala Karksiodus mirus gen. et sp. nov. Kesk-Devoni Burtnieki lademest Eestis. Ivanov, Alexander; Marss, Tiiu; Kleesment, Anne Report Mar 1, 2011 4486
Species compositions of elasmobranchs caught by three different commercial fishing methods off southwestern Australia, and biological data for four abundant bycatch species. Jones, Ashlee A.; Hall, Norman G.; Potter, Ian C. Report Oct 1, 2010 12552
Activities and catch composition of artisanal elasmobranch fishing sites on the Eastern Coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Bizzarro, Joseph J.; Smith, Wade. D.; Hueter, Robert E.; Villavicencio-Garayzar, Carlos J. Report Dec 1, 2009 8673
A nursery site of the Alaska skate (Bathyraja parmifera) in the eastern Bering Sea. Hoff, Gerald R. Report Jul 1, 2008 6517
Long-term trends in catch composition from elasmobranch derbies in Elkhorn Slough, California. Carlisle, Aaron; King, Aaron; Cailliet, Gregor M.; Brennan, James S. Jan 1, 2007 14327
Age and growth estimates of the winter skate (Leucoraja ocellata) in the western Gulf of Maine. Sulikowski, James A.; Morin, Michael D.; Suk, Seung H.; Howell, W. Huntting Apr 1, 2003 4886
Elasmobranch landings for the Portuguese commercial fishery from 1986 to 2001. Correia, Joao P.S.; Smith, Mark F.L. Jan 1, 2003 4798
Sustainability of elasmobranchs caught as bycatch in a tropical prawn (shrimp) trawl fishery. Stobutzki, Ilona C.; Miller, Margaret J.; Heales, Don S.; Brewer, David T. Oct 1, 2002 13553
Preliminary study on the use of neural arches in the age determination of bluntnose sixgill sharks (Hexanchus griseus). McFarlane, Gordon A.; King, Jacquelynne R.; Saunders, Mark W. Oct 1, 2002 1991
Characteristics of shark bycatch observed on pelagic longlines off the Southeastern United States, 1992-2000. Beerkircher, Lawrence R.; Cortes, Enric; Shivji, Mahmood Sep 22, 2002 7430

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