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Elan Financial Services Introduces Products Aimed at Making ATM Programs More Efficient and Profitable.

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Elan Financial Services today announced the availability of two new electronic services, ATM software distribution and electronic journal delivery, to enable financial institutions to manage their ATM programs efficiently and maximize profitability.

Until now, changing graphics, audio and video files and other software at ATMs meant costly and time-consuming on-site visits where software was physically loaded to the ATM. Electronic software distribution allows the financial institution to make most of these changes without visiting the ATM, thus potentially saving hundreds of dollars each time. This new capability enables financial institutions to upgrade software, add and update .wav files that support voice-guidance and change graphics files that supply ongoing marketing messages. Particularly unique about electronic software distribution from Elan is that it is supported on some OS/2 terminals, as well as Windows-based terminals from major manufacturers.

"Many financial institutions were underutilizing the powerful marketing capabilities of their ATMs due to time and cost constraints," said Jan Estep, executive vice president and business manager at Elan. "By introducing software distribution capability, our clients are empowered to use their ATMs as a compelling way to deliver customized and timely marketing messages without the expense formerly associated with the task."

Likewise, the ability of Elan to deliver journal data online has eliminated the cumbersome process of visiting the ATM to copy the information to a disk, which is used and stored at the financial institution. Now, each time a client's ATM is balanced, the data on the electronic journal file will be saved to the hard drive of the ATM and uploaded to a secure website where it will be available to the client the next day. Once the client has authenticated to the site they are able to seamlessly research cardholder disputes and immediately access data and archive the files.

"The combination of these versatile and innovative products allows financial institutions to efficiently manage their ATM programs and concentrate on profitability," stated Estep. "Elan has positioned our clients to enjoy success by providing programs which leverage their capital investments and limit the associated costs."

Elan Financial Services

Elan Financial Services, as part of U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB), supports more than 7,800 ATMs, 15 million ATM/POS cards, and 2 million credit cardholders with a complete range of products and services including credit card issuing, ATM, debit card, and merchant processing. Elan offers a full range of ATM services to financial institutions and independent sales organizations including authorization processing, terminal driving and switching services. These are conducted through a wide array of network options with all the necessary card management and support functions creating an easy to manage card program for financial institutions. Elan also provides membership in the Fastbank ATM network, which includes deposit-sharing ATM locations Fastbank Free, the surcharge-free option available in 24 states.

Likewise, Elan bolsters debit programs for financial institutions by offering their cardholders a payment option that is accepted worldwide, convenient, more flexible than checks and safer than carrying cash. For the financial institution, that means increased revenues, decreased expenses and reliable delivery. Elan provides full-service support and management tools, which are secured with a unique Service Guarantee, to more than 2,500 financial institutions. For more information call 1-800-343-7064 or visit
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Date:Sep 13, 2004
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