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El Torneo De Trabalenguas / The Tongue Twister Tournament.

El Torneo De Trabalenguas / The Tongue Twister Tournament

Nicholas Kanellos, author

Anne Vega, illustrator

Pinata Books

c/o Arte Publico Press

University of Houston

4902 Gulf Freeway, Bldg 19, Rm 100, Houston, TX 77204-2004

9781558858329, $17.95, HC, 32pp,

"Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, doggies, kitties and mousies: Welcome to the grand Tongue Twister Tournament!" And so begins this championship in which the best tongue torturer will win the tongue twister trophy in the bilingual picture book "El Torneo De Trabalenguas / The Tongue Twister Tournament". The competitors include a variety of quirky characters, including Lengua de Lagarto, or Lizard Tongue, whose tongue is tied "just so." There's Grumpy Granny, who raps about a raggedy cat, and El Chupacabras, who loves to eat critters, "even insects are for me / cows and cats and doggies too / chupa chupa chupa cabras, BOO!" Many of the tongue twisters included in this unique picture book for young children ages 6 to 9 and will be familiar to Spanish-speaking children-and their parents too! But "El Torneo De Trabalenguas / The Tongue Twister Tournament" also includes tried-and-true tongue twisters familiar to English speakers, like "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers." With colorful illustrations depicting the unique contestants, this bilingual collection of phrases that are difficult to say quickly will challenge children to excel in both English and Spanish and is unreservedly and enthusiastically recommended for family, elementary school, and community library collections.

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Nov 1, 2016
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