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El Clamor Publico.

"About the second week of June 1855 appeared the first Spanish newspaper in Los Angeles under the American regime," remembered local Jewish merchant Harris Newmark (1834-1916). "It was called El Clamor Publico, and made its appeal, socially, to the better class of native Californians"--its editor noted in the first issue, however, that "foreigners have demonstrated much more fervor in subscribing to the paper than the Californios themselves."

Although he sometimes lost patience with his audience, "today we respectfully greet the public," the young Francisco P. Ramirez wrote in the first issue of his newspaper. His modest tone belied his huge ambition and his great achievement--founding not only the first Spanish-language newspaper in Los Angeles but an enduring social document that chronicles the city's transition from a Mexican pueblo to an American city.

Selling subscriptions attire dollars a year (the same rate as the English-language Los Angeles Star), Ramirez set the type himself in his printing offices near Alameda and Aliso streets. Printed on one sheet, the four-page newspaper appeared every Saturday.

El Clamor Publico was funded through subscriptions and advertisements (two dollars for ten lines). Ramirez also made money by printing laws in Spanish for the city of Los Angeles and publishing ordinances and official notes for the state.

All but nine months of the four-year run of the newspaper survive. The Huntington Library holds 233 issues, all of which have been digitized and can be found online through USC's Digital Archive:

By the end of 1859 the paper went bankrupt. Harris Newmark observed that although "Ramirez was an able journalist and a good typo ... the Clamor, on December 31st, 1859, went the way of so many local journals" and folded.

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