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Eiserer invests $1,150,OOO in new office building.

In 1963, Leonard A.C. Eiserer read a book written by a Silver Spring Maryland, neighbor--Silent Spring, by the late Rachel Carson. His reaction was to start an environmental newsletter, Air/Water Pollution Report. Since then he has built one of the nation's largest independent newsletter publishing companies, with 28 business and specialized newsletters, two reference services, and the World Environmental Directory, which has 1,000 pages and 30,000 listings and is sold world-wide. Business Publishers Inc. has outgrown three locations in the area and has long been looking for an expandable headquarters of its own.

May 1, BPI will move into the 17,800 sq. ft., two-story building at 951 Pershing directly across from the newly renovated Armory Center. A group headed by Eiserer purchased the building for $650,000, has committed an additional $500,000 to converting the 33-year-old structure into a first class office building....

Particularly gratifying to Eiserer has been the community reaction. Montgomery County officials are excited, because they believe this effort, completely privately financed, is a big step to the revitalization of downtown Silver Spring. There have been major news stories, including a special feature in the Washington Star.

All of this from an idea and a typewriter.

The Newsletter on Newsletters, March 15, 1981.
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Comment:Eiserer invests $1,150,OOO in new office building.
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Date:Mar 15, 2001
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