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Eightball tourney.

On October 14, the Eightball Tournament of the National Veterans Golden Age Games was held at West Coast Billiards, in St. Petersburg, FL. The event was sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Disabled veterans of America, the Bay Pines VAMC, and the City of St. Petersburg. A field of 111 contestants included 8 wheelers.

Play was conducted according to the procedures and rules used in the National Wheelchair Games. There was an eight-minute time limit, with a maximum of 30 seconds between shots. Players had to call the pocket for the eightballs; all balls illegally pocketed were spotted.

Preliminaries were sudden-death, or single-game, eliminations--a player who lost one game was out of the tournament. In the semifinals, a match was two out of three games. Time limits were removed for the wheelers, as it takes longer form them to position than for able-bodied players. A flip of the coin determined which player would break.

The first contest was for competitors aged 55-62; three wheelers were among the 54 contestants who participated in that segment. Chris Raftis went on to win the gold.

Thirty-nine players competed in the 63-70 age group; the top three were Clarence Hill, William Sanders, and Murray Propper. In the 71+ age group, which had 18 competitors, the top three winners were Conrad Carmona, Alex Arunski, and Vincente Garcia.

The next scheduled wheelchair-eightball competition is as part of the Ohio Wheelchair Games, in Columbus, OH, in late May.

For advice about playing eightball, send self-addressed, stamped envelope to Chris Raftis in care of PN.

Raftis has written an instruction book titled Cue Tips. He is a qualified instructor ] and will make every effort to promptly answer inquiries.

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Title Annotation:National Veterans Golden Age Games
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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