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Eight glasses of water, leaky bladder.

Dear Dr. SerVaas,

Thanks for your article on "eight glasses of water." My cousin and I had a big argument. She drinks water all the time and has a leaky bladder. Some of her friends also do and use Depends. We are all around 67. I kid her because she says we have to drink eight glasses a day. I told her the only people I've ever heard say that are diet people. I've felt it would put too much strain on my bladder. I drink only when I'm thirsty. I have no problem.

Jean Glasenapp

Littleton, New Hampshire

Thank you for your good letter. We are told that we lose a lot of water due to perspiration when we exercise. Replacing water and electrolytes is one thing, but I agree with you that drinking excess water may not be good for everyone.

In the May/June 2005 issue, hypertension expert and researcher Dr. Myron Weinberger advised readers that the current recommendation is for healthy people to consume fluid when they are thirsty.

"Diuretics are given to remove the excess salt and water from the body," he explained. "Therefore, consuming an increased amount of water could interfere with the effectiveness of the diuretic, depending on the reason for which it was prescribed."

Diuretics (water pills) listed in the 2005 Physicians' Desk Reference include Daranide, Dyazide, Maxzide, Moduretic, Demadex, Edecrin, Furosemide, Dyrenium, Midamor, Diuril, Indapamide, Microzide, Renese, and Zaroxolyn. Hydrochlorothiazide is an inexpensive option.

Dr. Weinberger will be happy to have your support. We welcome letters from readers who also feel they should not overtax their bladders unnecessarily.
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Author:SerVaas, Cory
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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