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Eight New Titles Added to BayView's Martial Arts and Boxing Instruction DVD Catalog in February 2013.

Hackensack, NJ, December 13, 2012 --( BayView Entertainment, the number one studio for fitness, dance and special interest DVD releases for over seven years*, expands its catalog of boxing and martial arts instruction DVDs with eight new titles coming throughout February 2013, covering boxing basics, self-defense techniques, judo, jiu-jitsu, and more. These new releases join BayView's catalog of fitness, wellness and special interest DVDs and audio books - the largest catalog in the business - in bringing a variety of fascinating subjects to retailers and consumers everywhere. BayView Entertainment's DVDs are available at all leading internet retailers as well as selected stores nationwide. *source: DVD Release Report: December 7, 2012

DVD Information

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Back to Basics Vol. 1” - This DVD demonstrates in a technical and methodical manner the development of many moves, including the guard-passing movement. Each position is shown in several variations and from different angles so that individual details will be as clear as possible. BAY363, 874482003633, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 5, 2013 (prebook: January 1, 2013)

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Fireman Guard” - Created for advanced Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, the “fireman guard” is a term to define a mixed position between the butterfly position, the half guard, a "De la riva", and a "single leg” move. BAY365, 874482003657, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 5, 2013 (prebook: January 1, 2013)

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Art of Fighting” - This DVD offers advanced techniques in the different positions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: standing, guard passing, reversal, half guard, back, etc. BAY366, 874482003664, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 5, 2013 (prebook: January 1, 2013)

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Attacks & Initiative” - The guard in Jiu-jitsu is a key position and to develop one's attacks in this context, it is all about taking the initiative. This DVD teaches how to settle the attack game to be able to perform the techniques as accurately and efficiently as possible. BAY367, 874482003671, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 5, 2013 (prebook: January 1, 2013)

“Mastering Boxing: Boxing Basics with Ray Mercer” - Olympic Gold Medalist and former WBO champion Ray Mercer demonstrates a complete course on the basics of boxing - from the classic left jab, right cross, upper cut, hook and, of course, the Bolo punch. BV06540, 625866020711, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 12, 2013 (prebook: January 8, 2013)

“Kapap: Defense against the Gun” - This DVD presents world-renowned self-defense expert Moshe Galisko from Israel demonstrating many techniques for protection against an attack by a gun-wielding criminal. The DVD presents a detailed explanation of each movement and gesture for optimal efficiency in training as well as real life. BAY368, 874482003688, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 26, 2013 (prebook: January 22, 2013)

“Self-Defense against Knives Volume 2” - Instructor Eric Laulagnet presents new educational and dynamic exercises that will help develop reflexes and achieve quicker reaction time with superior techniques against threats and multiple attacks, while standing up or on the ground. BAY296, 874482003060, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 26, 2013 (prebook: January 22, 2013)

“Judo Immobilization Techniques Volume 2” - The Volume 2 DVD explains and demonstrates more than a hundred techniques, all placed in an opposition context, including the preparation work (turn over, going round, forcing…) necessary before the decisive immobilization is secured. BAY298, 874482003084, $29.99 srp, Street date: February 26, 2013 (prebook: January 22, 2013)

About Bayview Entertainment, LLC:

BayView Entertainment, LLC, is America's number one independent distributor of fitness, wellness, dance and special-interest DVD releases. BayView has made its name by being dedicated to releasing only the best DVDs in each category from the most trusted names in the field. BayView has forged relationships with the top names in fitness and special-interest, including Retromedia Entertainment, Yoga Journal Magazine and Black Belt Magazine, as well as performers and producers as diverse as Kathy Smith, Gilad, Tamilee Webb, Total Immersion, 8 Minute Abs, Scott Cole, Joyce Vedral and many others. BayView's DVDs are available throughout the country at fine retailers everywhere as well as all major online stores. BayView can be found online at

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Date:Dec 13, 2012
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